Full sibling DNA testing Vs. Half sibling DNA testing helps determine if brother and sisters are full, half or not related at all. Our DNA tests are the most accurate & trusted in the USA.

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Our sibling testing lab is AABB accredited. Our sibling DNA test analyzes more markers, uses the most advanced processes, and produces 100% accurate results you can always trust.

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We provide the most accurate sibling DNA test in the USA. Don’t risk buying your DNA test from an entity that sends them to the lowest bidder for testing. Our lab performs all our own sibling tests for just $150.

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Most Accurate & Trusted Sibling DNA Testing

With so many entities offering DNA testing, which lab should you choose? The fact is, our lab performs 3 out of 4 private sibling DNA tests in the USA.  Many entities on the internet send their DNA tests to be performed by the lowest bidder. Often times that lowest bidder is an out of country provider not following the standards set forth in the USA. Before you buy, ask who is actually performing the test, and have them show you the lab’s accreditation. If you want very accurate results from the most trusted name in DNA testing, buy at PaternityUsa.com with confidence.

Can A DNA Test Tell The Difference Between A Half And A Full Sibling?

Sibling DNA testing, often referred to as a sibling paternity test, is a DNA comparison between two or more alleged brothers and sisters. Sibling DNA testing determines a statistical probability of the test participants being full siblings (both parents in common), half siblings (one parent in common) or not related at all. Our DNA testing services stand above all others in pricing and exceptional quality, and includes testing for two siblings. You may customize the test to fit your own scenario, for example by adding more participants needed, such as additional siblings or known parent(s). Sibship DNA testing can help provide definitive answers regarding a brother and/or sister relationship.

Often times, paternity or maternity is indirectly determined through sibling DNA test. Adding the known parent (usually the mother or mothers) to the test will help increase the accuracy.

Test Options and Pricing


Why Risk Using Your Own Q-tips® – We Overnight A Sterile Collection Kit To You For Free

Our sibling test packages come complete with testing kit, DNA analysis and test results. Some companies advertise that you can make your own collection kit by using your own Q-tips®. However, we do not recommend this practice. Although this may save the company money, it may cause costly problems for you. There is a risk of multiple DNA samples being found on Q-tips® that are not sterile, or that may be handled by more than one person. Q-tips® you may have in your home could already have DNA from other sources on them. For this reason, we send a DNA collection kit containing sterile buccal swabs to you at no charge. We even ship the collection kit to you via FREE UPS overnight so you have your sterile medical swabs as ready for use the next day.

At PaternityUSA.com you can purchase the highest quality DNA tests in the industry at the cheapest prices. Our lab is the largest and most trusted name in DNA testing through-out the USA and even the world. All of our DNA tests are performed by top-notch geneticists using proven scientific methods and state of the art equipment in our AABB accredited laboratory. Our service is simply unparalleled and our prices are very affordable.  You can rest assured your DNA samples are secure and your test results will be accurate. With today’s technology and inexpensive pricing on DNA relationship testing, there is no longer a need to go without knowing the truth about a biological relationship.

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The Full Sibling Vs Half Sibling Analysis

Full sibling tests assume there is one known parent in common and tests to see if both parents are shared. On the other hand, the half sibling DNA test assumes one parent is different and tests to see if one parent is shared. If you are not sure whether the mother and or father are shared, performing both a full and half sibling test gives the most complete picture of the relationship.  This test for both full and half will let you know whether one, both or no parents are shared with the other tested individual(s).

How To Increase The Accuracy Of Your DNA Test

A sibling test can be performed with only two or more siblings, however adding any known parent(s) to the test is strongly recommended to increase the level of conclusiveness.

Each person has genetic material from both parents in their DNA profile. Half of the genes will come from the mother and half from the father. We are not able to distinguish which genes come from which parent. In a scenario where the siblings would like to determine if they have the same father and the known mother(s) take part in the test, her genetic profile is compared against her child. Then, all of the DNA inherited from the mother is eliminated, therefore isolating the DNA from the father. With the paternal DNA positively identified, it will more precisely match (or not match) the other alleged sibling’s paternal DNA resulting in a more accurate and conclusive test result.

Furthermore, if no known parent(s) can be added to the test, we recommend you choose the option for testing additional markers as needed to ensure you get the most conclusive result possible based on the DNA that is available.

Test Options and Pricing


Participants In Different Cities Or States

It is common for test participants to live too far apart, to get together, and do sample collection.  For these cases, we offer an option for multiple shipping addresses.  When ordering, choose the option for an additional address. We send each collection kit via overnight UPS. Also, when you purchase the 2 day return mailer for only $5.00, we include it for all addresses on your order. When your collection kits ship, they are linked through reference numbers and bar codes. In lab, we match your samples to your case through the bar code and reference numbers.


If The Siblings Are Both Male – Consider Other Analysis Options

If two males would like to establish whether or not they are related on the paternal (father’s) side, a Y-STR test is a good option to consider. The Y-STR test compares the Y-Chromosome every father passes to his child.  This Y-STR is very unique, similar to a fingerprint. When Y-STRs are compared, the result will be accurate and essentially a “Yes” or “No” answer to the question of whether or not the two tested males related through the paternal line.

Likewise, an mtDNA test provides a conclusive answer regarding a relationship on the maternal side.

In addition, there are other tests that may be more conclusive based on who is available to test.  Notably, the grandparent DNA testing for an alleged grandparent and grandchild, or the avuncular aunt/uncle DNA test with a full sibling of the alleged parent. Also, consider a family reconstruction test if more than one paternal relative is available to participate in a DNA test.

Order Your Test $150


When You Need A Legal Or Immigration Sibling Test

Our informational DNA test can provide you with peace of mind of whether or the tested participants are siblings. When you need your results for a court of law or other agency for any legal proceedings, then purchase our AABB accredited legal sibling DNA test. Our legal DNA tests are admissible court approved evidence in cases for child support, visitation rights, to change name on the birth certificate, estate, wills, probate situations, and/or any other type case where proving the relationship through an AABB accredited DNA test is required.

If your DNA test is for immigration, CRBA or passport, the embassy, USCIS/ICE or Dept. Of Homeland Security may require AABB accredited DNA evidence of the biological relationship. If so, then order our AABB accredited DNA test for immigration purposes.


Test Process And DNA Sample Collection

The DNA sample collection process is very simple. Sampling is done through a cheek swab, which is also called a buccal, swab. The swab, similar to a large Q-tip, is painlessly rubbed against the inside of the cheek to collect skin cells from the inside of the mouth.   We conduct all of our tests twice. For that reason, there will be 4 buccal swabs per person in your collection kit. Do two swabs on each side of the mouth. For best results, rinse the mouth with water prior to swabbing; also refrain from smoking or drinking coffee or tea for 2-3 hours before the DNA collection. Once the swabs are taken, place the samples in the return prepaid mailer. Finally, simply drop the samples off at the courier’s location or box to send your kit back to the lab for testing.

When all samples are in the lab, you will be notified via email that testing has begun. This type of DNA test completes within 3-5 business days after samples are in lab. Test results are emailed to the email address on your account. When hard copy results are purchased, they are mailed to the billing address unless otherwise noted.

We ship our collection kits with free UPS overnight delivery Monday through Friday to physical addresses in the contiguous USA. Orders received and processed by 2:00 PM EST are shipped the same business day.  Orders received after that time will ship the following business day.

Test Options and Pricing


Other Types Of DNA Samples

In a sibling test, the most common method of DNA collection is through a cheek swab. However, we understand there are times when a test participant is unable to submit a swab, such as may be the case where a family member may be deceased, incarcerated or otherwise unavailable. For these reasons, we offer forensic processing services for other types of DNA samples. Ear wax, hair (must have the root ball attached), mucous on a tissue, finger or toe nail clippings, and toothbrushes are common forensic samples. Additionally, in certain cases tissue or blood samples may be available from a medical examiner or coroner’s office. Forensic sampling prices apply for non-standard samples. For pricing and more details on this process, please contact a DNA Case Manager.

Order Non-Legal Sibling $150 Order Legal Sibling $255

Find Answers To Common Sibling DNA Test Questions:


Can you test a sibling for paternity?

Sibling DNA testing analyzes the probability of rather  alleged brothers & sisters share one or two parents in common. This will conclusively determine if they are full or half sibling to thus proving or disproving paternity.


Can sisters have different DNA?
Can brothers have different DNA?

Yes, in-fact unless the tested siblings are identical twins all siblings have unique DNA profiles.  We get 50% of our DNA from our biological father and 50% from our mother.  All brothers and sisters are made up of a unique blend of those DNA profiles received by both parents.


How much DNA do you share with a half Vs. a full sibling?

Identical Twin share 100% of the genes
Full Siblings share 50% of the genes
Half Siblings share 25% of the genes
1st Cousins share 12.5 % of the genes


What is a full sibling DNA test?
What is a half sibling DNA test?

In a full siblings DNA test it is assumed that the tested brother & sisters share the same mother, but need to confirm that they also share the same father. Whereas, in a half sibling DNA test it is known that the tested brother & sister DO NOT share the same mother, but want to verify that they do share the same father. When the status of the known parent is unknown such in the case of an adoption, we can perform both a full sibling and a half sibling DNA test.


Can we test to see if we are siblings or cousins?

When two people have related mothers and want to see if they have the same father, or believe their fathers could be related, a sibling DNA test may not produce the most accurate result if there is a cousin relationship in the case. In this testing scenario, a paternity or maternity test with the parent in question would be the best solution. Other testing options may be a male lineage Y-STR test for males, or an X-SV female lineage test to look for a common female line. Please call us at toll free (877) 786-9543, and a case manager can help guide you to the best test for the most accurate result.


Can I test with a half-sibling of my alleged father?

The avuncular test will only produce an accurate result report with an aunt or uncle who is a full sibling to the alleged father, meaning they share the same mother and father. If a grandparent or other relative is available, testing with them instead may be a better option. Please contact a case manager at (877) 786-9543 for more information.


Why is it better to include a sample from the mother in the DNA test?

In a matter as important as DNA testing, especially for court-admissible cases, it is never good to leave room for doubt. Ideally, if you are having a half sibling DNA test, the known parent(s), usually the mother or mothers, should be tested. A child receives half of their DNA from their mother, and the other half from their father. Having the mother in the test allows us to eliminate the maternal DNA, or DNA from the mother. The remaining unmatched DNA will then be known to be that of the biological father. In so doing, the test will produce a more accurate result. In general, if the mother is available for testing she should be included. In any event, the test can still be performed without the inclusion of the mother if she is not available. If so, you may also consider running the extended analysis in such an event.


Can I make my own collection kit by using Q-tips and sending them to you?

We value our clients too much to try to save a few dollars ourselves and have you make your own collection kit, or “MYOK” as other companies advertise. They say this is a way for you to save money, but in truth, it’s really only a way for them to cut corners.

For this reason, PaternityUSA does not charge for a collection kit or overnight shipping to you.

Sometimes the situation dictates that you have to do a DNA collection right away or lose the opportunity to obtain a sample from that person. In such cases, you can use regular cotton swabs for a DNA collection. Please note that this is not the recommended procedure, and should only be used in circumstances where you may not be able to swab at another time.


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