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Affordable premium sibling DNA testing (Up To 35 Markers) from the most accurate & trusted USA lab.

What Is A Sibling DNA Test?

A Sibling DNA test can help prove or disprove the paternity or maternity  indirectly when the alleged father or mother is unwilling or unavailable to be tested. Our premium sibling tests can analyze Up To 35 Markers, which is almost 50% more markers than our competitor’s 24 marker test. 

Our DNA tests are also a perfect solution to confirm or deny Ancestry.com ®, 23andMe.com ®, or MyHeritage.com’s ® genealogy test results when they indicate that you may have found a lost brother or sister. The results will show if the test participants are full siblings (both parents in common), half siblings (one parent in common) or not related.

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Our DNA testing lab is fully accredited, analyzes more markers (Up To 35 Markers), and utilizes only the most advanced testing methods. Our sibling DNA tests produce 100% accurate results for personal or legal matters.

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Full Siblings – Half Siblings – Not Sure If Related

Full sibling DNA testing assumes there is one known parent in common and analyses to conclusively determine if both parents are shared.

Half sibling DNA testing assumes one parent is different and will determine if one or no parent is shared. If you are not sure whether the mother and or father are shared, performing both a full and half sibling analysis gives the most complete picture of the relationship.

The DNA analysis for both full and half siblings will let you know whether one, both or no parents are shared with the other tested individual(s). A sibling DNA test may provide the answers you seek.

How accurate is sibling DNA test?

Our sibling DNA tests are 100% accurate.  Generally, sibling DNA testing can be performed with only two or more siblings, however adding any known parent(s) to the analysis is recommended to increase conclusiveness. You can add one mom AT NO CHARGE , and we now offer a 1-day analysis option, when you call us at (877) 786-9543.

Furthermore, if no known parent(s) can be added to the DNA test, we recommend you consider the option for analyzing additional markers(Up To 35) to ensure you get the most conclusive results possible.

Options and Pricing

Testing Process Is Easy:

Upon receipt of order, we will rush a sterile DNA collection kit FREE of charge.

Sample Collection:
Sampling is done through a cheek swab, which is also called a buccal swab.

Sample Analysis:
When all samples are returned to lab, you will be notified via email that the testing has begun.

Results Reporting:
Results are emailed to the address on file. If ordered, hard copy results are mailed to the billing address unless otherwise noted.

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Can you also test other family members?

A grandparent DNA test can be performed with an alleged grandparent(s) and grandchild. If a full brother-sister of the alleged parent is available, you may also perform an (Aunt/Uncle) avuncular DNA  test. Lastly, you may also perform a family reconstruction analysis if multiple paternal relative are available.

Other types of genetic samples:

Ear wax, hair (w/ root ball), mucous on a tissue, finger or toe nail clippings, and toothbrushes are common forensic samples. Please contact a DNA Case Manager for additional information & pricing at (877) 786-9543.

Non-Legal Sibling Legal Sibling

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YES, a sibling test will analyzes the probability of rather alleged brothers & sisters share one or two parents in common. This will conclusively determine if they are full or half brother/sister to prove or disprove paternity.

Yes, in-fact unless the individuals are identical twins all brothers and sisters have unique DNA profiles. We get 50% of our DNA from our biological father and 50% from our mother. All brothers and sisters are made up of a unique blend of those DNA profiles received by both parents.

Identical Twin share 100% of the genes
Full share 50% of the genes
Half share 25% of the genes
1st Cousins share 12.5 % of the genes

In a full sibling test it is assumed that the tested brother & sisters share the same mother, but need to confirm that they also share the same father. Whereas, in a half sibling test it is known that the tested brother & sister DO NOT share the same mother, but want to verify that they do share the same father. When the status of the known parent is unknown such in the case of an adoption, we can perform both a full sibling and a half sibling test.

If the participants are male, a Y-STR analysis is a good option to consider. The Y-STR male line anakysis compares the Y-Chromosome every father passes to his child. This Y-STR is very unique, similar to a fingerprint. When the Y-STRs of the males are compared, the result will be a precise a “Yes” or “No” answer to the question of whether or not the two males come from the same paternal line.

Likewise, an mtDNA female lineage analysis provides a conclusive answer regarding a relationship on the maternal side.

When two people have related mothers or related fathers, and want to see if they are brother/sister or cousins, a sibship DNA test may not produce the most accurate result if there is possibly a cousin relationship, and we do not recommend it. In this scenario, a paternity or maternity analysis with the parent in question would be the best solution. Other options may be a male lineage Y-STR males, or an X-SV female lineage to look for a common female line. Please call us at toll free (877) 786-9543, and a case manager can help guide you to the best DNA test for the most accurate result.

The avuncular test may only produce an accurate result report with an aunt or uncle who is a full sibling to the alleged father, meaning they share the same mother and father. If a grandparent or other relative is available, testing with them instead may be a better option. Please contact a case manager at (877) 786-9543 for more information.

In a matter as important as a DNA test, especially for court-admissible cases, it is never good to leave room for doubt. Ideally, if you are performing a DNA test on potential brothers & sisters, the known parent(s), usually the mother or mothers, should be tested.

 In general, if the mother is available for testing she should be included. In any event, the DNA test can still be performed without the inclusion of the mother if she is not available. IF THE MOTHER(S) IS NOT AVAILABLE, YOU MAY CONSIDER RUNNING THE EXTRA MARKERS (Up to 35 markers)

YES! However, our mission is to first provide the most reliable & accurate results at the cheapest prices, and as quickly as possible. That’s why our lab is featured on many TV shows, and is trusted worldwide to provide 100% accurate results.

Some promise one day results, but in reading the fine print, their disclaimer says it can take 3-5 days.

Having said that, we do offer a 1-day processing option if at least 1 mom is included in the test. (Please call to request 1-day service optionFast 1 day results are no good if it produces a weak percentage of probability.

Sometimes the situation dictates that you have to do the DNA collection right away or lose the opportunity to obtain a sample from that person. In such cases, you can use regular cotton swabs for the DNA collection. Please note that this is not the recommended procedure, and should only be used in circumstances where you may not be able to swab at another time. For this reason, PaternityUSA will rush a medically sealed sterile kit to you FREE.

YES, ear wax, hair (must have the root ball attached), mucous on a tissue, finger or toe nail clippings, and toothbrushes are commonly used forensic DNA samples. Please contact a DNA Case Manager at (877) 786-9543 for more info.

Upon receipt of order by 2:00 PM EST, we rush a sterile collection kit via USPS for FREE Monday through Friday to physical addresses in the contiguous USA. Orders received after that time will ship the following business day.

If participants are in different cities or states, when ordering, simply provide the additional address, and we will send the other participant a separate collection kit. The DNA samples are then linked through reference numbers and bar codes when they arrive back in lab.

YES, our legal packages  are valid in cases for child support, visitation rights, to change name on the birth certificate, estate, wills, probate situations, and/or any other type case where proving the relationship is required.

Further, if you need the DNA test results for immigration, CRBA, passport, the embassy, USCIS/ICE or Dept. Of Homeland Security as DNA evidence of the biological relationship, then order the immigration package.

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