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DNA For Paternity $120

Paternity FREE OVERNIGHT!! Our premium home DNA testing will determine if an alleged male is the biological the father with a 99.99%+ accuracy. $120.00 incl. testing for father/child, FREE Overnight & lab fees. <MORE>


Grandparent FREE OVERNIGHT!! These DNA tests will help you to determine the existence of biological relations between Grandparent and/or Aunt/Uncles to help determine the paternity. $150.00 incl. 2 tested persons, FREE Overnight shipping & lab fees. <MORE>

Sibling DNA Test $150

Sibling FREE OVERNIGHT!! Our High Quality Accurate Sibling DNA testing will help to determine if 2 or more siblings share 1 or 2 parents comparing half vs full siblings. $150.00 incl. 2 siblings, FREE Overnight & lab fees. <MORE>

Legal DNA - $195Immigration - $525

Immigration FREE OVERNIGHT!! Our AABB accredited legal DNA tests are court approved For USA and accepted by USCIS & Dept of Homeland Security as court evidence and/or for CRBA Visas immigration DNA testing. Incl. 2 tested persons & lab fees. <MORE>


DNA Paternity Testing 99.999% Accurate!
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Why Buy Your DNA Test From Us?

Trying to determine, "How To Test DNA At Home?", we can help! When making this important decision regarding DNA testing, your choice should not be based solely on a cheap price. Perhaps you should choose our laboratory which provides DDC dna testing services and performs more DNA tests than any other lab in the USA. You may also want to consider other very important factors before selecting the lab to serve your DNA testing needs. DNA and paternity testing can seem like a daunting and expensive process, but when you choose us, it can be quite simple, discreet, and affordable. With the evolution of PCR DNA testing technology, our DDC DNA test results are extremely accurate yielding 99.999% accuracy with mom. A drug store DNA test from CVS ®, Rite Aid ®, Walgreens ®, or Walmart ® may only be used for paternity testing. Our DNA test kits however may be used for Paternity, Maternity, Siblings, Grandparent, or an Avuncular Aunt/Uncle test. We offer an easy, discreet, and cheaper alternative over a pharmacy & drug store DNA test kit.  Performing a DNA test has many benefits from just simply providing you peace of mind in satisfying your curiosity, to that of helping you to secure financial support for your child’s physical needs, or for immigration purposes. The testing process of our at home paternity dna testing kits is easy and as painless of rubbing a cotton swab in your mouth. With our FREE overnight shipping, you will have your home testing kit the next day after your order is shipped.  Our home testing kits also come with a FREE return envelope to get your samples back to the lab as quickly as possible.  This is another way PaternityUSA offers superior service and quality over the competition while delivering highly accurate test results you can trust in your home or in a court of law! Please consider this: If our competitor’s results are not acceptable in court, should you accept them in your home?

Sometimes, a person goes a lifetime not truly knowing their biological family members. With today’s technology, DNA testing is more commonplace, accurate, abd cheaper than ever.  If you have a situation where the alleged parent in question is available, it is always best to do a paternity or maternity test with that parent and the child.  However if the biological parent is unavailable or un-willing to test, there are plenty of other solutions where other family members can be tested such as a sibling, grandparent or aunt/uncle to confirm or deny the biological relationship. 

Additionally, In the event of an alleged father’s death, a legal DNA test can help to secure social security benefits and/or change the child’s name on the birth certificate. In such cases, an DNA analysis can be performed using samples from the surviving grandparents or siblings of the deceased alleged father. This type of test is commonly referred to as avuncular grandparent or an aunt – uncle avuncular test.  A court admissible DNA test can confirm biological relationships in probate court, provide valid legal documented evidence required by the Department of Vital Statistics, social security office or insurance company. We can also receive samples from the county or state coroner's office while keeping the chain of custody for a legal DNA test..

In other situations, two siblings may wonder if they are full or half brother and sister, or if they share the same biological father. Sometimes, due to adoption situations, these family ties are severed and paternity or maternity may need to be established. Furthermore, an issue of paternity may come into question between alleged brothers and sisters as to whether they may be half siblings as a result of an extramarital affair. Once again,  a sibling DNA test may provide the answers needed to help put their minds at ease.

Lastly, the USCIS now may also require an AABB accredited DNA test for immigration purposes to be performed in order to obtain a visa to enter the United States. No matter the reason, we offer an array of premium AABB accredited DNA tests that help determine & document actual family biological relationships at many levels. Our relational DNA tests include Paternity, Maternity, Siblings, Grandparent, Avuncular Aunt/Uncle tests. All of our tests are specifically tailored to help identify what level of biological relationship actually exists between the tested parties such as mother or father, sister or brother, grandparent, aunt / uncle, etc... We Offer High Quality, Accurate & Very Affordable DNA Tests!

Our premium home DNA paternity test kits will facilitate the DNA collection of the father/child in the privacy of your home. Our at home informational paternity test offers a very high quality, 99.99+% accuracy, FREE overnight delivery, and a very fast 2-day turnaround service. Order Prior to 12:00PM MST & you will receive your kit the next business day.

A DNA test may be the most important test you may take in your life. That's why it's important that you consider carefully which lab you choose to provide services. Our lab offers affordable AABB accredited packages with accurate results you can trust at home and our legal packages are fully admissible in court. Our analysis are performed by top-notch scientists using the latest and most advanced testing technology in the industry. While we may thrive to provide inexpensive prices, make no mistake, we deliver among the highest quality & most accurate results in the industry. Our lab's results are the most Trusted! Proven! & Admissible in court! Compare Us Vs. Pharmacy Paternity Tests.


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