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Cheap DNA Testing – Legal DNA Tests – Relational DNA Testing

100% Accurate & Affordable DNA Testing

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Paternity -Maternity $115
Sibling – Grandparent – Aunt/Uncle $125
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What Is Relational DNA Testing Vs. Heritage Or Ancestry DNA Testing?

Relational DNA testing is a direct comparison of two or more person’s genetic profile for the purposes of identifying the existence or non-existence of many biological relationships. This is very different to DNA tests which are performed and compared against a database of DNA profiles such as done with heritage or ancestry testing.

Very often we serve clients that have had an ancestry DNA test done, but now need to confirm or deny the findings. So unless you are looking for a lost relative, direct person to person relational DNA testing is always the best option.

In today’s market, there are many websites offering cheap DNA testing options.  However, most online stores just farm the analysis out to the lowest bidder.  Often times, that lab is a small entity offering nothing more than a lower quality cheap DNA test.

Our lab is the largest & most trusted relational DNA lab in the USA.  Our affordable DNA tests deliver 100% accurate results testing up to 35 markers. The only cheap thing about our DNA tests is the cheap DNA testing price. Buy high quality, low cost DNA testing at PaternityUSA.com




Our DNA testing lab performs 3 of 4 private DNA tests in the US. Seen on TV shows like Maury®, Steve Wilkos® & Paternity Court®, Get Accurate Answers!

Most Trusted For Home & Legal Matters



Our DNA testing laboratory is fully accredited. Our DNA tests analyze more markers, use the most advanced processes, and produce 100% accurate results you can trust at home or court.

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FREE USPS RUSH DELIVERY of DNA test kits. And, paternity results are ready in 1-day. Some entities want you to prepare your own kit MYOK, but Don’t Risk Compromised DNA.

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Cheap DNA Paternity Testing


We provide the most trusted & cheap prices for DNA paternity testing in the USA. Don’t risk buying your DNA test from an entity that sends them to the lowest bidder for testing. Our lab performs all our own tests.

The Only Thing Cheap About Our DNA Tests Is The Price


Select DNA Test

paternity testing


Our premium at-home DNA paternity testing will determine if an alleged male is the biological father in just 2 days with a 99.99%+ accuracy. $125.00 incl. testing for father/child, FREE USPS rush shipping, and paternity testing lab fees.

Paternity Test >

sibling tests


We offer the most accurate, high quality sibling DNA testing to help determine if 2 or more siblings share 1 or 2 parents comparing half vs. full siblings. $145.00 incl. 2 siblings, FREE USPS rush shipping, and sibling DNA lab fees.

Sibling Test >

grandparents tests


This DNA test will help determine the existence of biological relations between grandparent/child to help determine the paternity. $145.00 incl. 1 grandparent & child, FREE USPS rush shipping, and grandparent DNA lab fees.

Grandparent Test >

aunt and uncle tests


This DNA test will help determine the existence of biological relations between Aunt-Uncle/child to help determine the paternity. $145.00 incl. 1 aunt/uncle & child, FREE USPS rush shipping, and avuncular DNA lab fees.

Avuncular Test >

maternity testing


Our premium maternity test will determine if an alleged female is the biological mother with a 99.99%+ accuracy. $125.00 incl. testing for mother/child, FREE USPS rush , and maternity testing lab fees.

Maternity Test >

immigrations dna


Our accredited Immigration tests are accepted by USCIS & Dept of Homeland Security as evidence for CRBA Visas immigration includes 2 tested persons & immigration lab fees.

Immigration Test >

aabb legal testing


Our AABB accredited legal DNA test is court approved and accepted as court evidence for proof of biological relationships. Legal $175.00 incl. father/child  & legal DNA test lab fees.

Legal Test >

y-str male tests


The Y-STR test analyzes the Y chromosome of tested male individuals to determine whether or not 2 or more males are from the same male line. $195.00 incl. 2 tested males & Y-STR DNA lab fees.

Y-STR Test >

x-sv female tests


The mtDNA test analyzes the X chromosome of tested male or female individuals to determine whether or not 2 or more persons are from the same female lineage. $365.00 incl. 2 tested persons & MtDNA female lineage lab fees.

MtDNA Test >

family dna tests


The family reconstruction test is used when the father is unwilling or unavailable for testing. This test utilizes the DNA from up to (3) paternal relatives & child’s mother (if available) to reconstruct the missing parent’s DNA.

Family Test >

infidelity testing


We understand the serious nature of suspected infidelity. We handle each infidelity case with care, compassion and discretion. Our infidelity test provides analyzes for the presence of male and/or female DNA on clothing or suspicious items.

Infidelity Test >

misc dna testing


We offer an array of Misc. genetic testing services including a wide range of forensic DNA extraction services to analyze DNA samples from clothing, hair, toothbrushes, and other non-standardized DNA samples. We Can Help You!

Misc. >

Buy A High Quality DNA Test At Cheap DNA Testing Prices!

Over the years our lab has grown to perform 3 out of 4 private DNA tests in the USA, and has become the most trusted name in the relational testing industry. Our lab performs ALL DNA TESTS in house, and follows stringent protocols for sample collection, DNA testing analysis, and reporting test results. That is why we can offer such cheap DNA testing prices.

Home DNA Testing Process Is Easy:

Upon receipt of your DNA test order, we will rush a sterile collection kit FREE of charge.

Sample Collection:
 DNA sampling for a home test is done through a cheek swab, which is also called a buccal, swab.  Also, there are entities that will send a legal collection kit right to you, your friend, or allow you to pick your own “witness.” Beware of this type of legal DNA test! AABB sets strict guidelines regarding chain of custody.  Don’t skimp on guidelines jeopardizing results!  READ MORE ABOUT LEGAL TESTING

Testing Process:
When all samples are returned to lab, you will be notified via email that the testing has begun. Our DNA tests can analyse 150% more markers than the standard 16 marker DNA test and up to 50% more markers than the premium 25 marker DNA test offered by many competitors.

Results Reporting:
Results are emailed to the address on file. If ordered, hard copy results are mailed to the billing address unless otherwise noted.  Further, you can reach a live person during business hours! What’s more, we will keep in touch with you along the way about your case status.

You Can Buy Your DNA Test At PaternityUSA.com With Confidence

It does not matter if you need a paternity test, a sibling DNA test or any other test type; whether it’s for personal information, domestic court issues, or  for immigration purposes, Our mission is to serve you and your family with the highest quality service in the DNA testing industry at the most affordable prices!



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