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In today’s market, both Amazon® and Walmart® have flooded the internet with small often out of country labs offering a cheap DNA test. These entities regularly are not only just small out of country & unproven labs, but they hide that they only test 16-22 markers.  Frequently these tests provide inconclusive results simply because they do not analyze sufficient markers to get the job done.  So these cheap DNA tests serve to be nothing more than a low quality DNA test product at a cheap price. This may be the most important test you ever take, don't risk inconclusive, delayed, or in some cases false results. is dedicated to providing the highest quality DNA tests, with results you can trust, at very affordable prices.  Therefore, we offer two types of relational DNA tests: a 24-34 marker test as well as our flagship premium 46 marker DNA test. Our pricing is among the lowest available online or at your local drugstore or pharmacy. Furthermore, our relational DNA tests are a perfect solution to confirm or deny results from an ®, ®, or ® genealogy test which uses a database and does not compare one person against another like relational DNA tests do.

So, if you think you may have found a lost sibling, grandparent, aunt/uncle, or other family member we can help you confirm or deny their findings.  This is because our tests actually analyze one person against another, and not just do a genealogy database comparison.

AS SEEN ON TV, our affordable DNA tests deliver 100% accurate results by analyzing more than 2x the markers than our competitor's 16-22 marker tests (up to 46 markers).  All our DNA tests are performed in the USA, so you can buy with confidence at! WE DELIVER RESULTS YOU CAN TRUST, AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD!


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paternity testing


Our premium at-home DNA paternity testing will determine if an alleged male is the biological father in just 2 days with a 99.99%+ accuracy. $115.00 incl. testing for father/child, and paternity DNA lab analysis.

Paternity Test >

sibling tests


We offer the most accurate, high quality sibling DNA testing to help determine if 2 or more siblings share 1 or 2 parents comparing half vs. full siblings. $125.00 incl. 2 siblings, and sibling DNA lab analysis fees.

Sibling Test >

grandparents tests


This DNA test will help determine the existence of biological relations between grandparent/child to help determine the paternity. $125.00 incl. 1 grandparent & child, and grandparent DNA lab fees.

Grandparent Test >

aunt and uncle tests


This cheap DNA test will help determine the existence of biological relations between Aunt-Uncle/child to help determine the paternity. $125.00 incl. 1 aunt/uncle & child, and avuncular lab fees.

Avuncular Test >

maternity testing


Our premium maternity test will determine if an alleged female is the biological mother with a 100% accuracy. $115.00 includes testing for mother/child, and maternity lab fees.

Maternity Test >

immigrations dna


Our accredited Immigration tests are accepted by USCIS & Dept of Homeland Security as evidence for CRBA Visas immigration includes 2 tested persons & immigration lab fees.

Immigration Test >

aabb legal testing


Our AABB accredited legal DNA test is court approved and accepted as court evidence for proof of biological relationships. Legal $195.00 incl. father/child, and legal DNA test lab fees.

Legal Test >

y-str male tests


The Y-STR test analyzes the Y chromosome of tested male individuals to determine whether or not 2 or more males are from the same male line. $155.00 incl. 2 tested males, and Y-STR DNA lab fees.

Y-STR Test >

x-sv female tests


The mtDNA test analyzes the X chromosome of tested male or female individuals to determine whether or not 2 or more persons are from the same female lineage. $365.00 incl. 2 tested persons, and MtDNA female lineage lab fees.

MtDNA Test >

family dna tests


The family reconstruction test is used when the father is unwilling or unavailable for testing. This test utilizes the DNA from up to (3) paternal relatives & child’s mother (if available) to reconstruct the missing parent’s DNA.

Family Test >

infidelity testing


The infidelity test is used when someone is suspected of infidelity. We handle each infidelity case with care, compassion and discretion. Our infidelity test provides analyzes for the presence of male and/or female DNA on clothing or suspicious items.

Infidelity Test >

misc dna testing


We offer an array of cheap DNA test services which includes a wide range of forensic DNA extraction services to analyze DNA samples from clothing, hair, toothbrushes, and other non-standardized DNA samples. We Can Help You!

Misc. >

Cheap DNA Test Near Me

Our USA lab is an AABB accredited and fully certified DNA paternity test lab offering top-notch assistance in overcoming vital relational challenges families face. With over 3,500 locations across the USA, you can find one of our collections sites near your home or office. Whether you are struggling with this issue for personal reasons, immigration purposes, or maybe you need a DNA paternity test to provide evidence in the court, we can help!

DNA testing is the best way to determine or prove the biological relations between a father or mother and a child. Also, if the father or mother is unavailable or unwilling, you can perform a sibling, grandparent, or even an aunt/uncle avuncular test. So, if you have discovered your lost relative (a grandparent, a sibling, an aunt or an uncle), turn to We specialize in legal and non-legal analyses to confirm your findings and reveal the truth. It’s time to know more about yourself and your family's origins.

With, you will have an incredible opportunity to get the best at-home paternity test boasting the highest level of accuracy in the market. This service may be valuable to those parents who need to know the truth. We can deliver a collection testing kit directly to your doorstep, so you don’t have to leave your home. Simply follow the instructions and send back to the laboratory where our experts will complete the analysis. The findings are reported directly to you, and only you. We offer complete discrete privacy, never keep a database or share your information with anyone but you.

There are a variety of entities offering cheap paternity tests, but in many cases, your samples will simply be sent outside the USA to the lowest bidder. You have to wonder, is your information safe and private? This may provide not only poor quality results, but more troubling false results. Don’t fall for cheaters and imitators, choose a highly reputable MADE IN THE USA DNA lab whos services are performed in the USA, and knows how to keep your privacy, like ours!

Cheap DNA tests coupled with anonymous, private and secure service puts a premium on the best value for your money and knows that paternity test prices matter. That is why we set the most rock-bottom DNA paternity test costs on the market for the highest quality analysis in the industry.

What also makes us different from other labs offering cheap prices, is that all of the analyses are carried out completely discreet, and performed in the USA. We will never send any of your biological materials to a person not otherwise involved, nor do we keep profiles for research, or maintain a database. Rest assured that our tests are anonymous, private and secured.

Check out the most common procedures we perform:

Curiosity DNA Testing

Legal DNA Testing

Immigration DNA Testing

Infidelity Forensic DNA Testing

The At Home DNA Testing Process Is Easy:

Upon receipt of your DNA test order, we will rush a sterile collection kit FREE of charge.

Sample Collection:
DNA sampling for a home test is done through a cheek swab, which is also called a buccal, swab. Also, there are entities that will send a legal collection kit right to you, your friend, or allow you to pick your own “witness.” Beware of this type of legal DNA test! AABB sets strict guidelines regarding chain of custody. Don’t skimp on guidelines jeopardizing results! READ MORE ABOUT LEGAL TESTING

Testing Process:
When all samples are returned to lab, you will be notified via email that the testing has begun. Our DNA tests can analyze almost 150% more markers than the standard 16 marker DNA test and almost 50% more markers than the premium 25 marker DNA test offered by many competitors.

Results Reporting:
Results are emailed to the address on file. If ordered, hard copy results are mailed to the billing address unless otherwise noted. Further, you can reach a live person during business hours! What’s more, we will keep in touch with you along the way about your case status.

PaternityUSA is a resource for valuable information regarding relational DNA testing:

If you need to learn more about relational DNA testing services, we offer a valuable resource which answers many of the most common questions folks have regarding testing, the process, and expectations.   Please visit or Frequently Asked Questions or Blog for the answers you need before you make this very important decision.

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It does not matter if you need a paternity test, a sibling DNA test or any of our other affordable DNA tests; whether it’s for personal information, domestic court approved DNA tests, or for immigration purposes, Our mission is to serve you and your family with the highest quality service in the DNA testing industry at the most affordable cheap DNA test prices!