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Our sibling DNA test kits are sent FREE through trackable USPS delivery to any address in the contiguous USA. We also include a FREE prepaid return envelope to return the samples back to lab. During the checkout process, you have the option to choose to upgrade shipping. Expedited shipping is for physical addresses within contiguous USA only and is weekday delivery.


Reliability, Affordability, and Speed, that’s our commitment!  The overall time frame for you to get your results starts at the beginning with how your kit is sent to you, and how samples are sent back to lab. We not only offer the fastest delivering method for sending collection kits with our overnight shipping option, but we also offer the fastest processing time when a mother is included. Please just call us at (877) 786-9543 if you are interested in  our (1) day service.

It’s generally recommended to add the mother to a sibling DNA test if possible.  Every person inherits half of their DNA from their mother and half from their father. When the mother is tested, her DNA is eliminated from the child. The remaining unmatched DNA is then known to be that of the biological father.  This would very precisely report if the DNA matched or was unmatched with the other possible brother’s or sister’s DNA.  However, the sibling DNA test can still be performed without the mother.


Our sibling DNA test can test up to 46 genetic markers.  The results produced, are the most trusted in the USA, and *** AS SEEN ON TV  *** shows such as Maury, Steve Wilco, Paternity Court. or national news stories, our lab is the go to lab for definitive answers.

Our premium sibling DNA tests analyze 24 markers which is 1000 times more powerful than the standard 16 marker test.  However we offer testing that is even more powerful than that.  In instances where the mom is not available for testing, if choose the option to test extra markers as needed, we can run additional markers (up to 46), where it is applicable. This is 90%+ more markers than the 24 marker DNA test offered by most competitors.

Full Sibling: Siblings are known to have the same mother and want to test to see if they have the same father.

Half Sibling: Mother is known to be different, want to test and see if the father is shared.

Both: If you are unsure about the mother and/or father, like with adoptions cases, you can choose to have both the full and half sibling studies performed at the same time.

2 Addresses: If test participants are in different cities or in any other state anywhere in the contiguous USA, choose the option for additional shipping addresses and enter their shipping information. We send each collection kit for all addresses on your order within the contiguous USA with the same shipping method as the first. Simply list the 2nd address in the provided section on order form. The additional address will be linked by the bar-code on the sample collection kit. If your second shipping address is in AK or HI, other US territory, or an international address, please call our office for pricing.

We will ship an additional kit to the 2nd address via the same shipping method you choose for your first kit, and include a prepaid return mailer to send samples back. 


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