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What Is At An Home Half Sibling DNA Test?

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A DNA test for half siblings can analyze the genetic material of an alleged half brother or half sister to confirm or deny if one biological parent is shared or not. For example, two people suspected to have the same father, but know they have different mothers, they will not necessarily have the exact paternal DNA as one another. This is because you receive a random 50% of your biological father's DNA, and likewise would any of his other children. If fact, only identical twin share the exact same genetic DNA profiles, and also why more extensive analysis is often recommended in half sibling cases.

Our DNA test for half siblings can analyze Up To 46 Markers, which that is almost 50% more markers than our competitor's 24 marker test.

Compare Our Half Sibling Tests Vs. Ancestry Or Genealogy Tests

Our half sibling DNA test are the best option to confirm or deny Ancestry.com ®, 23andMe.com ®, or MyHeritage.com's ® genealogy test results . These heritage & ancestry DNA kits use a historical DNA database which will typically just indicate that you may have found a lost half brother or half sister, but more importantly we can confirm or deny the findings conclusively. ***AS SEEN ON TV***, YOU CAN TRUST OUR LAB, DON’T RISK FALSE RESULTS!

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100% Accurate Half Sibling DNA Testing

We're commonly asked, “If we share one parent, shouldn’t one half of our DNA match?”

The short answer is no, only identical twins inherit the same DNA from their mother and father.  Otherwise siblings, whether full siblings or half siblings, share some of the DNA, but not all of it.  In fact, for half siblings it is expected for only approximately 25% of their DNA to match one another.  Of course, since DNA varies, some half siblings have more DNA that matches and some have less.

In other words, we are all comprised of one half of our DNA from our mother and one half from our father.  Everyone inherits 50% of their DNA from their mother and 50% from their father.  This is why paternity or maternity testing is always the most conclusive and recommended type of DNA testing.  Other types of DNA testing, such as a half-sibling or full-sibling test, use complex scientific algorithms to produce a percentage of probability based upon how many markers for the participants match or do not match. Our lab simply tests more marker than anyone else.  Thus, producing the most accurate & trusted DNA test results in the industry. That's why TV shows such as Maury®, Steve Wilkos®, Paternity Court® etc... use our lab for their show.


The Half Sibling Vs Full Sibling Analysis

The half sibling DNA test assumes one parent is different and tests to see if the other parent is shared. On the other hand, Full sibling tests assume there is one known parent in common such as the mom, and tests to see if both parents (Mother & Father) are shared. If you are not sure whether the mother and or father are shared, such as in an adoption, we can perform both a full and half sibling DNA test.  This will give the most complete picture of the siblingship DNA relationship.  When you perform both the full and half sibling DNA test, you will know whether you share one, both or no parents with the other tested individual(s).

How To Increase The Accuracy Of Your Half Sibling DNA Test

To get the most conclusive result from your half sibling DNA testing, it is always recommended to include one or both of the mothers if it is possible.  In being able to compare mother and child, we can eliminate all of the DNA the mother provided to her child and know that everything left in the profile of the sibling test participant is from their father.  We can then compare the paternal DNA to the paternal DNA of the other possible half sibling.  This will make the test very conclusive and accurate.

If both mothers cannot take part in the test, then we encourage at least one of the mothers to participate.  Alternatively, if neither mother can or will take part in the test, then the half sibling DNA test can be done with only the suspected half-siblings. You may also choose to analyze extra markers (up to 35) so your DNA test may provide the most accurate results available with today's science.


If The Half Siblings Are Both Male - Other Analysis Options

If the suspected half siblings are both male, and would like to see if they have a common father, a Y-STR test is a very accurate and conclusive test to consider; and is recommended over the half sibling test when the mothers are not included. The Y-STR test compares the Y-Chromosome every father passes to his male child.  This Y-STR pattern is very unique to that male line, somewhat like a fingerprint is to a person. When Y-STRs for two males are compared, the result will be basically a “Yes” or “No” answer to the question of whether or not the two tested males related through the paternal line.

On the other hand, if the suspected half siblings would like to see if they share a relationship on the mother's, or maternal side, an mtDNA test provides a conclusive answer regarding a common female lineage similar to the Y-STR testing for males. The gender of the siblings does not matter for this maternal mtDNA testing.

In addition, there are other tests that may be more conclusive based on who is available to test. Notably, the grandparent DNA testing for an alleged grandparent and grandchild, or the avuncular aunt/uncle DNA test with a full sibling of the alleged parent. Also, consider a family reconstruction test if more than one paternal relative is available to participate in a DNA test.

When You Need A Legal Or Immigration Sibling Test

Informational or at-home DNA testing is only for personal knowledge. When you need your results to use in a court or legal matter, then purchase a legal sibling DNA test. Our legal sibling DNA tests provide you with a fully accredited, notarized result that is admissible court approved evidence in cases for child support or visitation rights, to change name on the birth certificate, social security benefits, estate planning or probate, or any other type case where proving the relationship through an accredited DNA test is required.

If your DNA test purpose is for immigration, CRBA or passport, the embassy, USCIS/ICE or Dept. Of Homeland Security often requires accredited DNA evidence of the biological relationship. If so, then order our  DNA test for immigration purposes.

Other Types Of DNA Samples

At times, test participants may be unable to provide a cheek swab, or buccal swab, for the DNA test.  a cheek swab. For these cases, we offer forensic processing services for other types of DNA samples. Ear wax, hair (must be plucked and have the root ball attached), mucous on a tissue, finger or toe nail clippings, and toothbrushes are common forensic samples. Additionally, in certain cases where the relative is deceased, tissue or blood samples may be available from a medical examiner or coroner’s office. Forensic sampling prices apply for non-standard samples. For pricing and more details on this process, please contact a DNA Case Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions about Half-Sibling DNA Tests

Yes, when you order a half sibling DNA test, it is assumed that the mother is not shared, but the question is do you share the father in common or not. So if you do share the father in common, then the test results will indicate it.

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