Need Legal Or Curiosity Results?

Our Legal sibling tests are valid in court in 50 states.  If you want a sibling test for personal information, then follow this link to our non-legal sibling DNA test .

A sibling DNA test will determine the statistical probability of test participants being full, half siblings, or not related.
A full-sibling test assumes there is one parent known to be in common and tests if both parents are shared.
A half-sibling test assumes no parents are known to be shared, and tests to see if one parent is in common.

Our $245 legal sibling test includes DNA analysis for 2 siblings with sample collection at your Doctor’s office.
Our $355, legal sibling test includes professional collection for 2 siblings at one of our over 3,500 clinics.

Most Accurate: We highly recommend adding the mother(s) to the test to get the most conclusive result possible.  If not possible, choosing the option for testing additional markers as needed will make sure you get the most conclusive result based on the DNA available.

Collection: Only a medical professional from a doctor office or clinic may be the witness for your legal DNA test. If using your doctor, enter their office address in the shipping section and the collection kit will be sent directly to them.

If you prefer collection at one of our clinic locations, we will contact you within one business day to arrange an appointment for your collection.

2 Addresses: If participants are in different cities or states, choose the option for additional shipping address or separate appointments and enter additional collection area or mailing information.

Results: Once testing completes, hard copy results are mailed within one. If you purchase email results, the result is emailed within 24 hours of testing completion.

Legal Sibling DNA Test


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