What is needed for a sibling DNA test?

Sibling DNA test - Private - Cheap - Accurate A sibling DNA test is now more affordable and accurate than ever. Depending on your unique situation, sibling DNA testing answers questions about paternity or maternity, without requiring participation from the father or mother.

When is a Sibling DNA Test the Right Choice?

First, the heart of the matter - why choose a sibling DNA test? Sibling DNA tests are often the solution when the suspected parents are not available or willing to test in a paternity or maternity test. You may be curious about your own siblings, wondering if you share the same mother and father, or maybe you want to confirm whether your own children share a common father. Perhaps you discovered you may have a long-lost sibling you never knew about. The reasons for taking a sibling DNA test are as unique as the genetic profiles of the participants. A sibling DNA test can unravel the mystery of family history without involving the parents whether they are unavailable or unknown.

The Sibling DNA Test Process

A sibling DNA test is a relatively straightforward process. At PaternityUSA.com, our experts are here to guide you through it from the beginning to the end. Let’s dive a little deeper into the nuts and bolts of sibling testing.

  1. Gather Information: A solid foundation can be key to a successful test and fostering a deeper trust within the family. First, gather information about your family history. For example, are siblings interested in finding out if they have the same mother, same father, or both? This can be an emotional time for families so open communication with other family members and test participants will help the process go more smoothly. Ensure they know what to expect and agree to take part in the test. A common concern for participants is privacy. Most people do not want their DNA used for research or sold. It is important to choose a genetic testing company that does not participate in these practices. An informational DNA test with PaternityUSA.com does not require participants to submit their legal names with their DNA sample, allowing participants a higher level of privacy.
  2. Order Your Sibling DNA Test: After you have gathered all the necessary information, ordering the test is the next step. DNA testing services can be ordered securely online anytime at www.PaternityUSA.com, or by phone during business hours. Test packages tailored to your needs and budget are available.
  3. Optional: Mother's DNA: Participation from the mother is not required for sibling testing, but it is recommended, when possible, to enhance the level of conclusiveness. When a mother participates, her genetic profile is compared against her child’s allowing the maternal DNA to be identified and removed from the equation of “do we have the same father.” Adding the mother to the test is helpful when trying to indirectly determine paternity, but not required.
  4. Collect the DNA Samples: The DNA collection process is easier than ever. There is no need for a blood collection. DNA is collected painlessly through a cheek swab. This type of sample is as accurate as a blood sample and does not require a phlebotomist.  Forensic processing is also offered for non-standard sample types when you are not able to collect a cheek swab. Once collected, use your return mailer to send samples to the lab.
  5. Allow Us to Do the Rest: When samples are received in lab, they are processed using the most up-to-date technology. All testing is done twice in lab to ensure your sibling DNA test results are 100% accurate. When the analysis completes, the result report is promptly delivered to you.

Sibling DNA testing is a powerful tool for determining paternity when the father is not available for a paternity test. Family ties that last for generations can begin with an affordable sibling DNA test. There has never been a better time to take advantage of find the answer to your question of siblinghood. Don’t hesitate - the answers you seek may be closer than you think.

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