Can you get a DNA test to see if you are full siblings?

Sibling DNA test - Private - Cheap - Accurate In this article we will unlock some of the nuances of relational DNA testing to better understand how full sibling DNA testing works.

We are contacted daily by clients that wonder about their biological sibship relationships, and rather or not they share the same father and mother and are full siblings, or just one parent and are just half siblings. This question has intrigued many clients, and now thanks to new technological advancements in the field of relational DNA, the answer is obtainable. But can you get a DNA test to determine if you are full siblings? The short answer is YES, but let’s first explore the science behind full sibling DNA testing.

Foundations - Full Sibling DNA Testing

So, let's lay down the foundation of how this type of DNA test works before we dive into some of the specifics. The genetic markers that make up each person, is store within the nucleus of our cells.  These cells contain valuable information about our family ancestry, genetic predisposition to diseases, and many other distinctive personal characteristics.  By comparing some very specific areas of this genetic code, which are referred to as genetic markers, geneticists can definitively determine is any shared ancestry kinship exists.

How It Works

A full sibling test depends on the principles of genetic inheritance. When two persons have both parents in common, they will inherit 50% of their DNA makeup from each the mother and father, and so they will be left with allot of similarities genetically. In the Full sibling test the genetic markers of the tested parties will be fully analyzed to determine the likelihood they are full siblings or just half siblings.

The first step of the testing process begins by the individuals that need to be tested collect DNA samples.  This painless sample collection involves using a buccal swab to collect DNA cells from the inner lining of the cheek and gum. Once collected, and received back in lab, geneticists analyze the samples to determine how great is the genetic similarity between the tested parties.

Why are genetic markers important?

These markers are contained in the regions of DNA and are different in each individual unless they are identical twins.  Siblings inherit DNA from both parents, and by comparing the profiles of the tested individuals, genetic scientists can report what the likelihood of the tested parties being full or half siblings.

Probability Reporting

The formula for determining if a half or full sibling relationship exist uses a complex computational analysis which is perform by highly specialized testing equipment.  Geneticists calculate the likelihood of the existence of the full sibling relationship by observing & matching the markers being reported by each sibling.

Reliability & Accuracy

A full sibling DNA test is very accurate especially when the common mother’s DNA is also tested.  However, it's important to acknowledge that there are limitations with this type of relational test.  We must consider factors such as sample quality or genetic mutations that may exist, both of which can influence the results.  Furthermore, it’s crucial to choose a reputable DNA testing lab, which is accredited by the AABB.  Accredited labs have a proven track record of providing a rigorous standardized protocol for all tests to be analyzed.

The Answers Is Yes!

So yes, you can confidently buy a sibling DNA test to determine if you are full siblings. So, if you've ever questioned if your brother or sister is a full or half sibling,’s sibling DNA test is the solution for you, and will provide answers you can trust, at prices you can afford.

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