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If you have a matter in your life that requires a legal DNA test to confirm or deny a biological relationship, we can help you! offers a  full array of very accurate & affordable legal DNA tests for paternity, full or half siblings, grandparent, and even for aunts or uncles.

Our lab’s FULLY accredited legal test results are admissible in court in all 50 states. Furthermore, the accredited legal results from these tests provide court admissible evidence conclusively proving or disproving a biological relationship.

Legal DNA test results may be used for many domestic legal purposes such as child support, child custody, birth certificate or name changes, estate planning, insurance purposes, and more.

Buy your legal DNA testing services from America’s largest and most trusted DNA testing laboratory.

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Trusted Results From Our FULLY Accredited Lab

Our lab is staffed by top-notch PhD geneticists who oversee testing using the most advanced, state of the art testing technology.  In reality, many smaller labs are not really AABB accredited; they merely claim to be.  They sell you a legal DNA test, then when samples are sent in, they forward them to another lab (of their choosing) for processing.

This extra step risks the viability of your DNA swabs and delays your test results.  With, your DNA samples go directly to our world renown AABB accredited laboratory.

Our lab conducts all DNA tests twice in a parallel process to confirm results are 100% accurate.  Legal paternity testing is completed in just two business days after samples are in lab.  The attending PhD geneticist will sign and notarize all legally binding test results.

When you buy from, you can be assured that your legal test results are accepted as evidence for legal matters in all 50 states.  We save you money and deliver results you can trust!

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About AABB Chain Of Custody Requirements

The AABB has established strict guidelines that accredited labs must follow.  Additionally, legal DNA tests must meet certain requirements referred to as chain of custody.  One of the most significant requirements is that a medical professional perform the DNA collection; essentially someone known to be absolutely unbiased to the outcome of the result of the test. This medical professional can be personnel at one of our network collection site locations or your doctor’s office or clinic.

Smaller companies advertise cheap legal DNA testing, and allow test participants to choose their own collector.  Surprisingly, they sometimes even ship the collection kit right to the client.  This is in gross violation of AABB guidelines and breaks the chain of custody.  The AABB stipulates that anyone involved with the test or outcome never have possession of the collection materials.

Furthermore, some companies allow clients to use a friend or neighbor, or anyone the wish, as their collector/”witness” for a legal DNA test.  This too is a blatant disregard for AABB protocols and chain of custody.  The latest trend is to offer an instant online training class to say that person is now qualified to perform the legal DNA collection.

A legal test conducted outside of the chain of custody requirements as described above is easily contested and disputed in court, and will not stand up as evidence.

Beware, this type of cheap legal DNA testing can turn out to be extremely costly for your family in the long run.

We take your legal matter seriously.  Our lab follows every chain of custody requirement to help ensure your result will stand up in a court or any legal matter that faces you and your family.  We understand that the need for a legal DNA test is usually accompanied by an emotionally taxing burden.  As such, we handle every case with care, confidentiality and discretion.

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Our Legal DNA Testing Process

The legal DNA testing process is not complicated.  When you place your order, you may choose to use our professional collection service (collection at one of our clinic locations) or have a test collection kit shipped free to your doctor’s office.

To have your doctor perform your DNA collection, check with them first and make sure they agree to provide this service.  After you confirm, place your order online or over the phone.  Provide the doctor office mailing address for shipping.  A chain of custody collection kit is shipped to their office.  The doctor or nurse must complete the consent forms with the participants.  The collector must also photocopy IDs, or take photographs at the time of collection.  We provide a pre-paid return mailer in the collection kit for their convenience.

You may prefer a professional collection at one of our network collection sites.  In this case, we coordinate an appointment with you based on your location and schedule.  We have over 3,500 clinic locations across the country to serve your collection needs.

After the collection, the samples and chain of custody documentation go directly to the lab.  When received, we will email you a confirmation email that lets you know testing is underway.  If you order email test results, we email a PDF document of your notarized test result as soon as testing is complete.  A hard copy is mailed to the billing address on your order.  We do not ship anything to you other than the result for our legal tests.

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Our premium at Legal DNA paternity testing will determine if an alleged male is the biological father in just 2 days with a 99.99%+ accuracy. $195.00 incl. testing for father/child, FREE rush shipping to your doctor, and lab fees.

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We offer the most accurate & high quality sibling DNA testing to help determine if 2 or more siblings share 1 or 2 parents comparing half vs. full siblings. $245.00 incl. 2 siblings, FREE rush shipping to your doctor, and lab fees.

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This DNA test will help determine the existence of biological relations between Grandparent/child to help determine the paternity. $245.00 incl. 2 tested persons, FREE rush shipping to your doctor, and lab fees.

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This DNA test will help determine the existence of biological relations between Aunt-Uncle/child to help determine paternity. $245.00 incl. 2 tested persons, FREE rush shipping to your doctor, and lab fees.

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Our premium maternity DNA test will determine if an alleged female is the biological mother with a 99.99%+ accuracy. $195.00 incl. testing for mother/child, FREE rush to your doctor, and lab fees.

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Our AABB accredited Immigration DNA tests are accepted by USCIS & Dept of Homeland Security as evidence for CRBA Visas immigration $525.00 Incl. 2 tested persons & lab fees.

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Our AABB accredited legal DNA banking stores donor’s DNA profile in secured server for future legal DNA matters. An AABB certified profile hard copy is delivered to donor for future use as well.

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The Y-STR DNA test analyzes the Y chromosome of tested male individuals to determine whether or not 2 or more males are from the same male line. $325.00 incl. 2 tested persons & lab fees.

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The mtDNA test analyzes the X chromosome of tested male or female individuals to determine whether or not 2 or more persons are from the same female lineage. $490.00 incl. 2 tested persons & lab fees.

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The family reconstruction test is used when the father is unwilling or unavailable for testing. This test utilizes the DNA from up to (3) paternal relatives & child’s mother (If Available) to reconstruct the missing parent’s DNA.

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We understand the serious nature of suspected infidelity. We handle each infidelity case with care, compassion and discretion. Our infidelity DNA tests provide analyzes for the presence of male and/or female DNA on clothing or suspicious items.

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We offer an array of Misc. DNA testing services including a wide range of forensic DNA extraction services to analyze DNA samples from clothing, hair, toothbrushes, and other non-standardized DNA samples. We Can Help You!

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