DNA Test Refund Policy:

We are happy to try and work with our clients, as we understand life doesn’t always work out like expected.

You purchased a DNA test because you have questions, and we want to help answer those questions for you.  If you need more time to collect your samples, or need to change a participant, please call our office to find out how to go about changing your case instead of cancelling it.

All refund inquiries must be submitted via email and cannot be taken over the phone.  If DNA test services are canceled before shipping and/or handling, a $35 refund processing fee and $25 administrative fee per shipment scheduled will be deducted.  Any and all shipping costs, including international shipping and second addresses, etc., are non-refundable and will be deducted from any refund amount.

If a refund request is filed within 3 days of the order date, refunds will be issued according to our policies (see below).  Refunds for DNA or paternity test kits, internet sales or specials, and international orders will not be issued: all sales are final.

If a DNA test kit has already been shipped, collection and mailing instructions along with a case number provided to you through any means, or a collection appointment has been made on the participant’s or participants’ behalf, a 50% refund (less shipping, if any) will be applied to all unused paternity or DNA test kits and/or services once the kit and unused UPS return envelope have been returned to DDC at buyer’s expense (must be postmarked within 3 days of order and cannot use included return mailer to return kit).

Further, missed appointment fees may apply in addition to other costs associated with processing your order if the appointment is not cancelled in an appropriate time / manner. Mobile DNA collection fees and shipping for legal DNA test kits are non-refundable.

For refunds on an order with a New York shipping address purchased as a non-legal, informational test, in spite of the notices in shopping cart, no full refund shall apply.  The standard refund as stipulated for refunds before the kit is shipped applies – If DNA test services are canceled before shipping and/or handling, a $35 refund processing fee and $25 administrative fee per order will be deducted.

If samples you send in are received and processed, but do not produce enough DNA for testing to complete, we will contact you with options and pricing to resubmit new samples. If for any reason, you are not able to or willing to send in new samples for your case, no refunds will be issued since the lab has processed samples you submitted and worked to complete the case on your behalf.

Any refunds or partial refunds are at the discretion of No refunds will be made for cases or orders over 30 days old. No refunds for internet specials, sales or cases to which any discount has been applied.

If samples are not submitted within 90 days of case initiation, the case may be closed without refund. Additional fees may apply to re-open and process a closed case. After one year (12 months) from order date, the case cannot be reopened; a new test must be purchased.

All returned checks will be electronically redeposited without further notice and declined credit or debit cards may be reprocessed.  By paying for your DNA test kit by check, it is understood that you agree to these terms.

By purchasing a DNA test from PaternityUSA either through our online shopping cart, or over the phone, you are agreeing to these terms of sale.

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