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An avuncular aunt/uncle test is a DNA comparison performed between an aunt or uncle and a niece or nephew.  This DNA test will determine a statistical probability of the test participants sharing a biological relationship as that of aunt-uncle and niece-nephew.  Legal avuncular DNA testing must be performed with the alleged parent’s full sibling; a brother or sister sharing the same mother and father.  Our avuncular test includes testing for two people, one aunt or uncle and one child, but you may add more as needed, such as any known parent, for example the mother of the child.

How To Increase The Accuracy Of Your Avuncular DNA Test

Legal avuncular DNA testing may be performed with only the aunt or uncle and child, however it is highly recommended to add any known parent(s), such as the mother, to increase the level of conclusiveness. Each genetic profile contains genetic material from both parents, half will come from the mother and half will come from the father.  In a scenario where the testing parties would like to verify paternity and the known mother takes part in the avuncular test, her genetic profile will be compared against that of her child.  In this case, all of the DNA inherited from the mother can be eliminated, therefore isolating the DNA that was inherited from the father.  With the paternal DNA then positively identified, it will more precisely match (or not match) that of his brother or sister and result in a more conclusive and accurate test result.  If the mother is not able to take part in the test, we recommend choosing the option to test additional markers as needed.  With this option, extra markers will be tested until a conclusive result is reached, or all possible markers have been analyzed.

AABB Guidelines

Our lab is AABB accredited and as such, the legal avuncular DNA testing result you receive will be a legally binding notarized certificate with the AABB logo, which can be used for many different legal purposes.  Many times, families need these results to indirectly establish paternity or maternity in court, for child custody or support situations, for insurance purposes, to change a name or social security benefits.  Whatever the case may be, our legal test can provide you with the documented proven evidence you need.

You will find that our client service is simply unparalleled and our prices are very affordable.  Your test will be performed by top-notch geneticists using proven scientific protocols and state of the art equipment.

Aunt Uncle DNA Testing and Collection Process

Once your legal avuncular DNA testing order is processed, your collection kit will be shipped to your doctor's office if they are performing the collection.  Please be sure to list the correct shipping information for their office in the shipping section at check out.  If you are choosing professional collection service at one of our clinic locations, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your collection appointment at the location most convenient for you.  Unless otherwise noted, it will be assumed the collection will take place at or near the shipping address zip code.  Please note the collection location in the comment section of the order form if you need your collection appointment near an address other than the shipping address.

Once the DNA collection appointment is scheduled, have a color copy of your photo ID(s) and your sealed collection kit ready for the agent.

The DNA collection process is a very simple process using a cheek swab, also known as a buccal swab, similar to a large Q-tip.  The swab is painlessly rubbed against the inside of the cheek & gum area to collect skin cells from the inside of the mouth.  All of our tests are performed two times in accordance with AABB guidelines. This means that there will be four swabs taken per person, two swabs on each side of the mouth.  It is important to note that the test participants should not smoke or have coffee or tea for 3-4 hours before the swabbing.

When the DNA samples are in lab, testing is normally completed within 3-5 business days.  If you purchase the email result option, your result will be emailed to the address used when placing your order when testing is complete.  A hard copy will be mailed within one week of test completion.

Your legal avuncular DNA testing results will be AABB certified and notarized for cases compliant with chain of custody/AABB requirements.

Informational Avuncular Testing And Other Services

While our legal avuncular DNA testing service delivers a court admissible certificate, if you find you only wish to test for your own peace of mind or curiosity, our informational aunt-uncle test may be best.  Whether you chose an informational  or legal avuncular DNA testing, rest assured that you are in good hands.  Since our lab is AABB accredited, both legal and informational tests are processed in the same manner once the samples are in the lab.

In certain situations where a family member may be deceased, depending upon the details surrounding the case, tissue or blood samples from the medical examiner or coroner’s office may be available.  Their office should be able to advise you of what type of sample is available.  Once you have established this information, call us to speak with an experienced Case Manager to discuss your situation and forensic processing.

Other relationship tests may also help establish paternity or maternity, such as a Siblingship test, a Grandparentage test with one or both of the alleged parent's biological parents, or a Y-STR analysis with 2 or more tested males. If multiple paternal family members are available for testing, a Family Reconstruction may be a very conclusive test option to consider.


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