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PaternityUSA Cheap - Trusted - Accurate Home & Legal DNA testing PaternityUSA offers relational DNA testing services allowing clients to confirm or deny the existence of relationships such as paternity, sibling, grandparent, and/or aunt/uncle DNA test. Serving the USA since 2002, PaternityUSA has developed a reputation for utilizing cutting-edge scientific technology for DNA testing. According to reviews and information available, PaternityUSA's laboratories perform a significant portion of all DNA tests in the U.S., which supports their ability to offer low prices due to their extensive experience.  With so many out of country providers flooding the USA marketplace, that do not have to abide by USA regulations, it is important to have a USA based lab you can trust for this very important and often life changing situation.

Customer satisfaction when using PaternityUSA's services has been reported as 5-star service.  Clients often rave about fast delivery of test kits, clear instructions sent with collection kits, quick 1–3-day results, and of course excellent customer service. The company's efficiency seems to play a role in providing comfort & confidence during the entire process. PaternityUSA's testimonies seem to emphasize the ease of the entire process, from ordering to receiving results, and commend the company for its support and professionalism.

Both private for curiosity and legal DNA testing services are offered to determine many relationship types like paternity, maternity, sibling, twin zygosity, Y-STR male lineage, grandparentage, aunt/uncle DNA tests, and more.  It's important to note that curiosity and legal tests require different protocols for shipping, sample collection, and result reporting.  A curiosity is simply collected at your home, while a legal test must follow stringent conditions for the collection of those samples. However, there is no difference in the accuracy of the results between private and legal tests. PaternityUSA prides itself on their affordable pricing and 99.99999% result accuracy.

While PaternityUSA's offerings and customer feedback are generally positive, as with any service, it's advisable to conduct thorough research and consider multiple sources before deciding.  PaternityUSA offers DNA testing services you can trust; at prices you can afford.

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