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CHEAP DNA TESTING COSTS: Why are the prices so cheap?

As a result of our cheap DNA testing prices, we are often asked, “Why So Cheap”? First, we’re  not like many if not most competitors on & which only analyze 24-27 markers, are not AABB accredited, and most importantly they are out of country providers. Our lab however, is the largest & most trusted name in relational DNA testing through-out the USA and even the world.  In-fact, our lab performs 3 of 4 relational tests in the USA, and *** As Seen On TV *** is featured on many television shows such as Maury, Steve Wilco, Paternity Court, and others.

Having said that, we are the lab’s discounted web-site portal. Our mission is to provide the cheapest prices for high quality DNA testing in the USA.  As such, you can be assured that we offer only premium DNA tests (Testing Up To 46 Markers) performed by our world renown USA lab applying the highest standards. We work hard to keep our pricing as competitive as possible because we really do care about, and understand that money is tight for many of our clients!  What we offer is REAL cost savings for the highest quality DNA tests in the USA.

Furthermore, we understand many families are faced with high costs of living and as such, we are happy to be able to do our part to help by offering much cheaper prices for premium tests.  You can however rest assured that you are receiving the exact same premium DNA test others pay a lot more money for. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE JUST OUR WORD FOR IT, WE HAVE 100s OF REAL (5) STAR REVIEWS!!

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Highest Quality Tests At A Cheap DNA Testing Prices. Why So Cheap?

We offer a full array of relational DNA testing packages to determine Paternity, Maternity, Siblingship, Grandparent, Avuncular Aunt/Uncle tests .  All tests are tailored to help identify what biological relationships exist at many levels such as paternity, siblings, grandparent, aunt / uncle, etc… Our lab is fully accredited, and you can see a copy of the lab’s actual accreditation certificates here.

We Offer Affordable Prices

Compare apples to apples what we offer to that of other AABB accredited laboratories, and you will find that we truly do offer very cheap DNA testing prices when compared to our competition. Another thing that really sets us apart is that we offer top notch 5-STAR customer service.  Furthermore we do not fluff our reviews or post fake reviews to try to be more convincing.  We welcome you to take a moment to read the real reviews that our real past customers have left us & what they have to say about us. Lastly, when you call us we answer the phone, and we are ready to serve your needs.  Compare Quality & Save Money!!

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All DNA Tests Performed In Lab, Not Sent To Other Labs

All of our DNA tests, whether it be  Legal , Informational, or Immigration  are done in our USA lab.  Our DNA tests are NEVER sent off to the lowest bidder for DNA analysis.  Further, all DNA test analyses, whether informational or court-admissible are performed clinically in the manner, SO YOU CAN ALWAYS TRUST OUR RESULTS. This is one the biggest advantages when doing business with a lab that is actually fully AABB accredited, and located in the USA.

 When you choose, you’ll receive “ANSWERS YOU CAN TRUST AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD”!

Why So Cheap?
Bottom Line, We Use The Latest Technology & Pass The Savings On To You!

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