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What Is A Grandparent DNA Test?

Grandparent DNA tests compare the genetic DNA of two or more individuals to determine the statistical probability of whether or not the alleged grandmother and/or grandfather share a biological relationship with the tested child or children.

A Grandparent DNA test can establish paternity in-directly by analyzing the alleged father’s parent'(s) DNA against a possible grandchild.  Most importantly this is very helpful when the alleged father is unavailable or unwilling to perform a paternity DNA test.

We recommend you use both grandparents to to fill in the blanks for the missing alleged father. However, only one grandparent can be used when both grandparents are not available. It is also very helpful to add the mother of the child (FREE) if possible to help conclusiveness.

Furthermore, our grandparent DNA test can analyze up to 46 genetic markers which is almost 300% more markers than the standard 16 marker grandparent test, and more than 90% more markers than the premium 24 marker grandparent test competitors offer.


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How Accurate Is A Grandparent DNA Test?

A grandparent DNA test is 100% accurate, and can be performed with only one of the grandparents (Both Grandparents Preferred) and an alleged grandchild. We strongly recommend however, that the mother or known parent of the child take part in the analysis as well, if at all possible. This will increase the conclusiveness of the results.

Each person inherits half of their DNA from their mother and half from their father. When the known parent participates in the analysis, they are compared to their child.  The DNA inherited from that parent is eliminated from the child’s genetic profile. As a result, we are able to identify and isolate the DNA from the other parent in question.

If both the alleged grandmother and grandfather take part, we are able to combine their profiles to reconstruct the father’s complete genetic profile. This test is a great option to consider when the child’s mother is not participating.

In some instances, for conclusive answers, you may also choose to run the extended analysis which will compare up to 46 markers for the most conclusive answer.

Test Options & Pricing

The Process Is Easy:

Upon receipt of your order, we will ship a sterile collection kit for FREE.

Sample Collection:
 Sampling is painlessly acquired with a cheek buccal swab.

Sample Analysis:
When all the samples are delivered to the lab, an email is sent advising your grandparent testing has started.

Results Reporting:
We send the results to the email address on file. Also, If you ordered hard copy results, they will follow shortly in the mail to the billing address listed on the order unless advised differently.

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Reliability, Affordability, and Speed, that’s our commitment!  We do not offer our cheap pricing on the back of a low quality DNA test.

We stand behind the quality of the PRODUCTS & CUSTOMER SERVICE we offer.  The fact is, is the discount web-site for the biggest & most trusted relational DNA testing lab in the USA.  Our lab performs more relational DNA tests than any other laboratory in the USA.  Because of that, we are often imitated, BUT NEVER DUPLICATED!

It is not uncommon for test participants to live too far apart to get together and do the DNA collection.  For this reason we offer an option to have multiple collection kits shipped out for these situations.

When ordering, simply choose the option for an additional address, and complete the address in the order. We will send then second collection via the same shipping method as the first.

The collection kits are linked using a reference number and bar codes. When the samples are received back in lab, they are matched to your case using the bar code and reference numbers. This will generate an email advising you that we receives the samples.

In a scenario where the alleged grandchild is a male and the paternal grandfather is able to take part in the analysis, a Y-STR will conclusively determine whether or not they share the same male lineage.

On the other hand, if the relationship that is trying to be determined is on the mother’s side, an mtDNA will offer a conclusive answer regardless of gender.

Other relationship analysis may also be performed to help establish paternity or maternity, such as an Aunt Uncle or Sibling DNA test.

Lastly, if other paternal relatives are available to participate, a Family Reconstruction Test can offer a combined probability of relatedness to the family members.

The process is very simple. DNA is painlessly collected using a cheek buccal swab. Simply painlessly rub the swab against the inside of the cheek. In this process, skin cells collect on the swab.We conduct all of our analysis twice. For that reason, there will be 4 buccal swabs per person in your collection kit.

When all samples are in the lab, you are notified via email that the analysis has begun along with the expected release date. We email the results after the test has completed, and the hard copy results will follow as ordered.  The report is sent to the billing address unless otherwise noted.

We ship our collection kits with free USPS rushed delivery Monday through Friday to physical addresses in the contiguous USA. Orders received and processed by 12:00 PM EST ship the same business day.

Our package comes complete with collection kits, lab analysis and results. Some companies advertise that you can make your own collection kit by using your own Q-tips®. However, we do not recommend this practice unless no other options exist. This mitigates the risk of multiple genetic profiles  being found on Q-tips® that are not sterile, or  handled by more than one person.

An informational test can provide you with the peace of mind of whether or not a biological relationship exists between the tested participants.

However, if you need the results to be admissible evidence in a court of law or other governmental domestic agency, then purchase our AABB accredited legal test.  Legal results can be submitted as evidence in child support, visitation rights, change name on the birth certificate, estate, wills, probate situations, and/or any other domestic legal case.

If your results are for immigration purposes, the USCIS/ICE & Dept. Of Homeland security may require AABB accredited DNA evidence of the grandmother or grandfather biological relationship. If so, then order our AABB accredited DNA test for immigration purposes.

The most common method of DNA collection is through a cheek swab. However, we understand there are times when test participants are unable to submit a swab.  When a family member is deceased, incarcerated or otherwise unavailable, you have the option to submit other types of DNA samples.  For these reasons, we offer forensic analysis for other types of DNA samples.

Ear wax, hair (must have the root ball attached), mucous on a tissue, finger or toe nail clippings, and toothbrushes are common forensic samples. Additionally, in certain cases tissue and/or blood samples may be available from a medical examiner or coroner’s office. Forensic sampling prices apply for any non-standard DNA sample. For pricing and more details on the process, please contact a Case Manager.

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