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Cheap At Home Paternity Testing $115 - Affordable Legal Paternity Test $175 Today's digital age has made privacy become a hot topic. When using social media or going online to shop for a a product  we must constantly remember just how important the safeguarding our personal information is. Now our genetic DNA data is also in jeopardy of being compromised. The rise of DNA testing services has given birth to new concerns about privacy, sometimes it takes center stage.'s privacy policy is a game-changer in the world of relational DNA testing.  By only offering peer-to-peer relational DNA testing, they prioritize your privacy and security.

Private Relational DNA Testing

So, what exactly is relational DNA testing, and how does it differ from  other database driven genealogy offerings? Unlike traditional genealogy DNA testing companies does not use or store your genetic data in database. This different approach is facilitated by only performing peer-to-peer relational DNA testing, which means comparing the DNA samples of only the individuals directly involved in the DNA test.  This way there is no storing of the genetic data in a database for future reference.

Why Does Privacy Matter?

Privacy isn't a paranoia thing – it's a right & expectation we all want delivered. When you buy your DNA test from PaternityUSA, you can rest assured that all your information remains private and secure. By simply not using a database coupled with destroying DNA test data after the test is performed, all privacy controls are in your hands.

So if you're a single mother seeking to test a potential father, you can be assured your journey will be shrouded in privacy.  With PaternityUSA, you can perform your DNA test without any fear that any of your data might be exploited or otherwise compromised.

Real-Life Benefits Of Privacy

Private DNA testing benefits go far beyond just family relational disputes. Sometimes a client upon discovering that they were adopted, want to learn more about their actual biological family members. They are often  very concerned about privacy just in-case the person is not actually a family member.  Unsure where to turn, they do an Internet search, and stumble upon PaternityUSA.

Their journey with PaternityUSA will be nothing short of a life changing event. By performing a private  Paternity, Grandparent, avuncular, Y-STR or sibling DNA test, they are able to confirm or deny if the biological relationships exist.  At no time will they have to sacrifice their privacy. It does not matter if you're looking to reunite with long-lost sibling to want to discover familiar secrets, the possibilities with DNA testing is endless.

Breaking Down Barriers

The fear of having your of privacy breached, is one of the most significant consideration & barriers when wanting to perform a DNA test. Many hesitate to buy a DNA test due to privacy concerns regarding how their private data will be used and who might be granted access to it. PaternityUSA aims to shatter these concerns & barriers by offering a completely private DNA testing experience.

Imagine if you're a person struggling to figure out if an individual that came out of the woodwork is actually your family member. Now you can buy your DNA test with confidence, knowing that you're protected every step of the way.

The Future of DNA Testing

DNA testing is constantly evolving as technology continues to advance. Privacy concerns however, will undoubtedly remain throughout this evolution. By making privacy and security a priority, PaternityUSA is paving the way for a new found confidence regarding the privacy of their DNA test.

Our private DNA testing offers a reliable & affordable alternative to traditional genealogy testing. When you choose PaternityUSA, you will harness the power of DNA testing without sacrificing privacy or security. Whether you're seeking answers to a family relationship question or just trying to explore your male/female heritage, PaternityUSA wants to be your trusted partner in this journey to the truth.

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