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Can A Home Paternity Test Determine Who Is The Father?

Cheap At Home Paternity Testing $115 - Affordable Legal Paternity Test $175

What Is A Home Paternity Test?

A home paternity test can provide very conclusive answers when trying to find "Who is the father?".  Our home paternity test results will show very conclusively either that there is a 99.99%+ chance that he is the father, or there is a 0% chance, and no way he could be the father.

When you place your order, we will rush a home DNA collection kit to you with a pre-paid rush return mailer to send samples back to the lab FREE OF CHARGE.  Our peace of mind at home paternity test is affordable, easy, private, and offers fast 1-2 day results.

CVS ®, Walgreens ®, Rite Aid ®, Target ®, and Walmart ® pharmacy all sell home paternity tests. At first glance, the Identigene ®, HomeDNA ® or Reveal ® paternity test kits seem like a cheap option.  BUT, all you are buying is a DNA Collection Kit. Furthermore, you will end up paying more when you buy a drugstore DNA test because the lab testing fees are not included in a drug store paternity test.

Why Buy Your  At Home DNA Paternity Test At

With so many entities on the internet selling home DNA tests, which lab should you choose?  Our premium 24 marker home paternity test is far more accurate than the standard 16 marker paternity test offered by many competitors found at Walmart ® or Amazon ®. We also have over 3,500 locations available if you need to buy a legal paternity test. Our at home DNA testing process is confidential, easy, and cheap. Our lab *** AS SEEN ON TV *** is the largest, most reputable,  and most trusted relational DNA paternity testing lab in the USA.

Our Quality At Home Paternity Test Gives Peace Of Mind

Our premium quality at home paternity testing service provides you with a conclusive and accurate results for DNA testing between alleged father(s) and child(ren). Furthermore, our lab performs all DNA tests twice, results are ready in just 2 days, and are 100% accurate. And above all, your result will establish paternity with a 99.99+% or 0% probability that the tested man is or is not the father of the tested child. GET PEACE OF MIND! offers the highest quality DNA paternity tests in the industry at the cheapest prices. Also, all of our home DNA tests are performed by top-notch geneticists using proven scientific methods and state of the art equipment in our AABB accredited laboratory (DDC), located in Fairfield, OH. in the USA. Our DNA testing service is simply unparalleled and yet our prices are very affordable. Consequently, you may rest assured your DNA samples handled discretely, processed confidentially, and your test results will be 100% accurate.  In conclusion, with our technology and cheap DNA test pricing, there is no longer a need to go without knowing the truth about a biological relationship.

Home Paternity Testing Is Easy:

Upon receipt of your paternity test order, we will ship a sterile DNA collection kit for FREE.

Sample Collection:
 Use the cheek swabs to painlessly collect the DNA.

Sample Analysis:
When all DNA samples are received in lab, you will get an email advising when results will be ready.

Results Reporting:
Paternity test results are sent via email to the email address on file. If you order a hard copy results they will be sent to the billing address unless you advise differently.

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Our informational paternity test is only $115, and is easily & painlessly performed in the privacy & comfort of your own home.
Our legal paternity DNA test starts at only $195 with collection at your doctors or $325 with collection at one of our over 3,500 locations.

As a DNA testing company, we pride ourselves in providing what are among the lowest prices for the highest quality DNA tests in the USA. So, we do not play games or do marketing gimmicks.  Our sole focus is simply provide the most trusted and relied upon DNA testing services in the USA, * AS SEEN ON TV *.

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