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Can A DNA Test Be Performed With The Alleged Father’s Brother/Sister?

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Avuncular DNA Test

What Is Avuncular DNA Testing For Aunt - Uncle?

Avuncular DNA testing is a DNA comparison performed between an aunt or uncle and a niece or nephew. This uncle - aunt DNA test will determine the statistical probability of participants sharing a biological relationship as that of aunt - uncle and niece-nephew.

Avuncular DNA testing can provide a conclusive result to indirectly establish paternity or maternity when the alleged father or mother is not available for a paternity or maternity test.

An avuncular test is best with the alleged parent’s full sibling, (brother or sister), sharing the same mother and father. Performing an avuncular DNA test with the alleged father's half sibling, increase risks of weak or wrong leaning conclusions.  It is also very helpful to add the mother of the child (FREE) if possible to help conclusiveness, or upgrade to the 46 marker avuncular DNA test.

Furthermore, our avuncular DNA test can analyze up to 46 Markers, which is almost 300% more markers than the standard 16 marker avuncular test, and more than 2X more markers than competitors' 20-22 marker aunt/uncle tests offered online.


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How To Increase The Accuracy Of Your Avuncular Test

Avuncular DNA testing may be performed with only the aunt or uncle and child, however it is recommended to add any known parent(s) to the test to increase the level of conclusiveness.

In each person, half of their genes will come from the mother and half will come from the father. In a scenario where the known mother takes part in the avuncular test, all of the DNA inherited from the mother is eliminated. By doing so, we are able to isolate the DNA  inherited from the father.  The outcome will be a more conclusive and accurate avuncular test result.

If the known parent is not able to take part in the test, we recommend choosing the option for testing additional markers as needed to ensure your test result is as conclusive as possible.

The Avuncular DNA Testing Process Is Easy:

Upon receipt of your aunt/uncle test order, we'll rush a DNA collection kit FREE of charge.

Sample Collection:
DNA Samples are collected with a swab of the cheek, using a large Q-tip (buccal swab).

Sample Analysis:
Upon all samples reaching the lab, an auto email is sent advising of result availability date.

Results Reporting:
Avuncular DNA Test results are delivered via email to the address on file. If you've also  ordered certified hard copy results, they will follow in the mail shortly.  It will be sent to the billing address listed  unless we're advised differently.

So now even if the father is not willing to test you can still find the answers you and your family are looking for.  Call our office at Toll Free (877) 786-9543, and a case mgr can help answer all your questions and take your order.

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Questions About Avuncular Testing

Avuncular DNA testing will determine the statistical probability of participants sharing a biological relationship as that of aunt-uncle and niece-nephew. Thus, an avuncular test can conclusively prove or disprove paternity.

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