Drugstore Paternity Testing Vs. Online DNA Testing Kits

If You Buy A Drugstore DNA Test Kit, What’s Next?

What Is Pharmacy – Drugstore DNA Testing?

DNA test kits are readily available at your local CVS®, Walgreens®, Rite Aid®, or Walmart® pharmacy. At first glance, the Identigene® or HomeDNA® kits may seem like a quick and easy option.  However, in actuality, all you are buying is a DNA Collection Kit.

You still will have to pay additional money for the lab processing fees to actually complete the analysis.  Moreover, when you buy a drug store DNA test kit, it may be used solely for paternity testing.

You can use our online DNA testing kits for paternity, sibling, grandparents, aunt/uncle, and or maternity.  Initially it may seem to save you money, but compare apples to apples.  It really may not be the best or most affordable option for you.

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Thinking of Buying A Drugstore DNA Test Vs An Online DNA Testing Kit? Consider This:

It may be tempting to buy a drugstore DNA test kit from a local pharmacy but before you buy, consider this:

If you have already purchased a drugstore DNA test from a local CVS®, Walgreens®, Rite Aid®, or Walmart® pharmacy, or a DNA collection kit from another lab, we can still process your samples. Please contact us at 877-786-9543, or email us. Our case managers are happy to help

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YES, If you have already purchased a drugstore DNA test kit from CVS®, Rite Aid®, Walgreens®, or Walmart® local pharmacy Contact us today  We have cheaper & quicker options that may allow you to save both time and money.

Generally YES, when you buy a pharmacy DNA test kit, you’ll pay anywhere from $30-$50 for the DNA collection kit itself. Although you leave the pharmacy with a kit in hand, you still have yet to pay for the actual DNA analysis itself.

You will typically be required to pay an additional $89-$129 to the lab directly to analyze the DNA samples. So you will end up paying more for a pharmacy paternity test compare to our online DNA testing kit

NO, a drugstore DNA test kit from a local pharmacy, can be solely used for at home informational paternity testing.   At PaternityUSA.com you can purchase both an online DNA testing kit for informational purposes and/or a legally binding paternity, sibling, grandparent, avuncular Aunt/Uncle DNA testing kit and more.

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