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Our DNA lab performs 3 of 4 immigration tests in US. Also seen on TV shows like Maury®, Steve Wilkos® & Paternity Court®, Get Accurate Answers!

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DNA testing lab is AABB accredited. Our immigration test analyzes more markers, uses the most advanced processes, and produces 100% accurate results you can always trust.

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Paternity results are ready in just 2 days after the samples reach lab. Don’t miss your deadline! We provide the USCIS the results they need fast!

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We provide the very affordable immigration test prices. Don’t risk buying your DNA test from an entity that actually farms the samples to lowest bidder for testing. Our lab performs all our own tests.

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Order Your Immigration Test $525


AABB Accredited Immigration DNA Tests For Visas, CRBA and US Passports

It is very common for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and/or the US embassy to request an immigration DNA test to prove a biological relationship. Our lab is a AABB accredited and approved by Immigration and Naturalization Service / Department of Homeland Security as a supplier of immigration DNA tests. It is our mission to provide personalized consultation for immigration cases and furthermore, guide you through the test process with precision and ease. Our dedicated team of Immigration/CRBA test experts are very familiar with the procedures set by the AABB, USCIS and US embassies.

Full Service AABB Immigration Test

Our price of $525 includes express international 2-way shipping, test analysis, and results. At PaternityUSA, we offer a fast, trusted, and affordable option. Our AABB immigration test packages include all international shipping costs.  We do not hide costs or fees. We use only express couriers such as DHL and FedEx for shipping, so your kit arrives as quickly as possible. And, we provide the tracking numbers to you so you have access to the status of your collections throughout the process. The test package includes sending your result directly to the embassy or USCIS as well.

If your immigration case requires a DNA test, turn to PaternityUSA. We are a trusted and proven immigration DNA testing provider for this important step in your petition process.

Order Your DNA Test $525

The Immigration Test Process

To start the process, simply place your immigration DNA testing order online or over the phone at (877) 786-9543. You are able to fully customize your immigration test case. You can choose the type of relationship test needed, as well as number and location of participants. Some cases only require a test with the mother or father and child, while other times both parents are required. If you’re required to test maternity and paternity, we’ll conduct both tests at the same time to save you money. Likewise if there is more than one child that needs to be tested.

Once your order is processed, we will email you a questionnaire form to complete and provide details regarding your case. We also ask that you provide any letters or documents from the embassy or USCIS regarding their request for evidence (RFE).  These documents must be sent to the embassy for the collection in your country.

Additionally, we provide professional collection services for any DNA samples that need to be taken within the USA. We have an expansive team of associates in every major area throughout the country. If you are unsure if a location is near you, please call a Case Manager.  For test participants in the USA, a team scheduler will call to arrange a collection appointment.

When all DNA samples are in lab, the test analysis begins. Paternity and maternity tests complete in only two business days. When results are released, you will be provided an email copy, and the original result will be sent to the requesting agency.

Order Your DNA Test $525

When Do You Need DNA Testing For Immigration Purposes?

In a situation where the initial evidence is deemed to be insufficient by the USCIS or U.S. embassy, they will often require immigration DNA testing from an AABB accredited laboratory. Read more about USCIS and embassy requirements here, or read more about CRBA DNA Testing.  Our lab is AABB accredited.


Immigration Test

Thank you for your immediate and prompt service...Highly recommendable for people seeking DNA Testings...Good job Paternity USA...Again thank you so much. Another VERY HAPPY customer 🙂

G.B. - Immigration Client

Steve S

We just did a paternity test and used our doctor as the collector - the process was easy, legitimate and cheap! I highly recommend for those of us on a budget!

Steve S

Eric M

Awesome. Easy. Best Price Around! Got my son's birth certificate right now. Thank you all!

Eric M


I purchased this Y-STR test to verify that my son is the father of my grandson. Now I know for sure this sweet little boy is my son's baby. Thanks Paternity USA for the peace of mind.



I took this test last month and my results were accurate. Easy process, good customer service and i like that they notified me of the status of my case all along the way. I always wondered and now I finally know for sure. I highly recommend you all every chance I get. Lisa L

Lisa Lockhart


I picked paternity usa for my immigration test for my mother and sisters. I'm so glad I did. Everything great - very good service and fast.

T. Nguyen


I don't usually write reviews, but I feel like this one is important. To have a lingering question of whether you belong in a family or not isn't anything easy to deal with. I wondered at first, because they are cheaper than everyone else, and felt like this is an area I shouldn't skimp on, but I'm so glad I picked these guys. I didn't skimp - I just found the best deal! My test result was very definitive and left no room for question. I want to let others know that you can find your answer and peace. Pick Paternity USA, they will do a great job. I can't say enough good about them. Thanks - Brenda

Brenda Leighton

J Luna

I am glad I chose this company for my paternity test. They scheduled an appointment for me and my daughter, it was within a couple of days, then the results were emailed to me less than a week later. I didn't have to do anything but show up for the appointment - they handled everything else from beginning to end.

J Luna


Thank you guys for a process that is easy and quick. You've been so helpful! Jenn



I was given up for adoption and found a sibling through online records. We did the mtDNA test to see if we have the same mother (who is deceased), and I finally have been able to connect with my family. Even though I will always be thankful to my adoptive family, it's nice to add to that! Test was conclusive, process easy and good communication. Thanks 🙂

mtDNA Tester

Immigration DNA Testing

The immigration process is a hard process for me and my family and PaternityUSA has experience and was able to help us through the whole thing. Happy with your service and I will let my friends know. Sincere thanks - the Claitte Family

The Claitte Family


I called PaternityUSA to help us with getting my children in from Jamaica, and so they performed the AABB accredited DNA test for immigration. The process only took (2) weeks, and everything was very smooth. I cannot thank these people enough.


Peter Johnson

I had bought a DNA kit at CVS pharmacy, but I wanted to see if I was the grandparent. I discovered that I could not use the drug store kit for a grandparent DNA test. I called paternityusa, and I'm very pleased with the work they performed. They really took the time to talk to me

Pam Johnson

Rick Davis

I found my long lost brother after 40 years separation at birth. We did a y-str test, and it was very accurate. I happy to have my brother in my life again

Rick Davis

Sally Valega

This company did a wonderful job for our family, and we're so grateful we were able to find them on the internet. THANKS!!

Sally Valega

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