PaternityUSA Reviews & Testimonials

PaternityUSA Reviews & Testimonials

FOR OVER 15 YEARS, WE HAVE SERVICED MANY THOUSANDS OF CLIENTS. HAS ENJOYED GREAT POSITIVE REVIEWS FROM SOME OF OUR MANY PAST CLIENTS WE’VE HAD THE PRIVILEGE TO SERVE. has been doing business for over 15 years. Of course, from time to time a client may have an issue with part of the process usually because paternity testing is a highly charged & emotional  situation. We however ALWAYS work very hard to fully satisfy our clients and provide the answers they need.

On 8/1/2018, we  started giving our REAL clients an opportunity to provide live testimonials regarding the quality of service, accuracy, and affordability of our DNA testing services.  Please read the testimonials below from real customers that have purchased their DNA test from us.  We pride ourselves in providing 5 star customer service to our clients with top notch & caring customer care. Call us and find out for yourself.

Please help us by providing a review of  quality & affordability of services you received.

We hope to have an opportunity to serve your DNA testing needs. Then, after we have performed the DNA test, and delivered your results, Let Us Know How We Did!