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DNA banking lab is fulyy accredited. Our DNA profile test analyzes more markers, uses the most advanced processes, and produces 100% accurate AABB accredited results.

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We offer FREE USPS rush delivery of informational test kits. And, profile reports are ready in 2-days. Other labs want you to prepare your own kit, but Don't Risk Compromised DNA.

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We provide the most accurate DNA profiling in the USA. Don’t risk buying your DNA profile test from an entity that sends them to the lowest bidder for testing. Our lab performs all our own tests.

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Quality DNA Profile Reporting and DNA Banking

Our DNA banking and profiling services allow you to prepare for the future by preserving your individual genetic profile information. With DNA profiling, you will receive an AABB certified, notarized document with your individual genetic profile listed.

If you opt for DNA banking, your genetic profile will be securely and safely stored at our AABB accredited laboratory for 15 years. You will receive a certificate of DNA Banking and you and anyone you authorize will have access to your profile for future testing if ever needed.  At the time of your DNA collection, you may also authorize 1 or more people to have future access to your genetic information.

AABB Chain Of Custody Requirements

The AABB guidelines stipulate that legal DNA Banking or Profile Reporting must have valid chain of custody to be admissible in court or accepted for use in any legal matter. Chain of custody, simply put, refers to a DNA collection in the presence of a medical professional and the legal identification and consent of the test participants. In any legal siblingship test case, a neutral medical professional who is not involved with the outcome of the test must perform the sample collection.

Our lab is staffed by PhD geneticists who oversee all tests using the most advanced, state of the art technology. In reality, many smaller labs are not really AABB accredited; they only claim to be. They sell legal DNA tests, then when samples are sent in, they forward them to another lab (of their choosing) for processing. This extra step takes longer and risks the viability of your DNA. With PaternityUSA, your test samples go directly to our AABB accredited laboratory, DDC (DNA Diagnostic Center).

Why We Stand Above The Others

Smaller companies who advertise cheap DNA testing allow participants to choose their own collector. Surprisingly, they even mail the collection kit right to the client. Please beware - this practice does not follow AABB chain of custody requirements. Their cheap DNA banking or profiling can end up being very costly to your family down the road.

It's a direct violation of AABB requirements for anyone associated with the legal sibling test to be in the possession of the collection kit. This includes any test participant, family members or friends. When collection swabs have been in the possession of someone with an interest in the test result, there could easily be suspicion of tampering. For this reason, we never ship a legal DNA collection kit to anyone other than a doctor's office or clinic.

Secondly, a legally binding sibling test must be collected by a medical or clinic professional. With, you can use your doctor for the DNA collection, or opt for professional collection service at one of our more than 5,000 clinic locations. Again, having someone known to the test participant act as a collector, or "witness" the DNA collection, does not meet AABB standards. A collection by an associate, friend or family member can easily be discredited; causing you to have to pay for another test.

A legal collection conducted outside of the chain of custody is easily contested and disputed in court; and more importantly will not stand up as evidence.

In contrast, we don't bend guidelines and risk injury your case. Our lab follows every AABB requirement to help ensure your result stands up in any legal matter that may face your family. We understand the need for a legal DNA test is usually accompanied by a difficult. With that in mind, we handle each case with care and confidentiality.

The Legal Banking and DNA Profile Report Testing Process

The legal DNA process is quite simple. When you place your order, you may choose to use our professional collection service (at one of our clinic locations) or have a test collection kit shipped free to your doctor's office.

If you opt to use your doctor for the DNA collection, simply provide their address when placing your order. We ship a legal DNA collection kit to them. We also provide a prepaid return mailer in the collection kit for their convenience. Please check with your doctor to make sure they agree to provide this service.

Or if you prefer, choose our professional collection option. An agent will give you a call to schedule your appointment at your convenience. We have over 5,000 clinic locations across the country to serve your collection needs.

After the collection, the samples and chain of custody documentation go directly to the lab. When received, we email you a confirmation email to let you know testing is underway. If you order email test results, we email a PDF document of your notarized test result as soon as testing is complete. A hard copy is mailed to the billing address on your order. We do not ship anything to you other than the result for our legal tests.

DNA Collection

DNA is collected through a cheek swab, also known as a buccal swab.  The swab is painlessly rubbed against the inside of the cheek to collect skin cells.  As an accredited lab, all of our tests are analyzed twice, which is why we collect 4 swabs per person.  As a general rule, be sure the mouth is clean before swabbing by rinsing with water.  The test participants should refrain from drinking coffee or tea or smoking for 3-4 hours before the DNA collection.

Results are mailed within one week of testing completion.  If you purchase email results, the result is emailed within 24 hours of testing completion.

If you simply would like a DNA profile report for your own personal knowledge or use, a non-legal profile report may be the right option for you.

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