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In an effort to better serve our clients, we provide this very valuable resource which details the laws and statutes in your city and state as they pertain to DNA testing. It is very important to observe all the laws and statues to ensure that you prevail in court. In doing so, make sure that you use a witness that the lab provides or your doctor. Some entities say that you can send a kit to just anyone that is not related, but using just any witness/collector may be challenged in court. We also provide the names and address of every state’s vital statistics office so as to help our clients change name on birth certificate.

How Change Name On Birth Certificate

When a child is born in a marriage, the name of the husband is automatically added on the birth certificate. The husband is typically considered the father of record.  In order to change name on birth certificate to remove his name if he is not the father, you may need to contact the vital statistic office in your local city and state to file for a change.

Although the mother may feel/know that her husband of record is not the father of her child, the state will require biological proof that another man is in-fact the father before changing the name on birth certificate. In some cases, the husband may likewise wish to have his name removed from the record of birth, and would similarly need to do the same thing. To accomplish this, you’ll need to order and perform legal court admissible DNA test from an AABB accredited lab such as ours.



Let Us Help You

At you can buy the most trusted, highest quality DNA tests in the industry from our world renowned lab at the cheapest prices. Our lab is the largest and most trusted name in DNA testing through-out the USA and even the world. Our lab has helped many clients who after having had a divorce, wish to remove the ex-husband’s (who is not the father) name from the birth certificate. Typically, all this process entails is to buy an AABB Accredited DNA Test, and then deliver the results of the test to the vital statistic office. Usually an application also has to be filled out, and a small fee is paid to the vital statistic’s office.

This process can be quite easy if no one contests the fact of who is the father, and does not oppose the action. You can purchase a legally binding DNA test from us and we can deliver notarized, accredited results both ways in both electronic (email) and written results. Click here to learn more about legal paternity DNA testing or click here to buy a legal DNA test to change a child’s name on the birth certificate.

In an effort to serve our clients’ DNA testing needs, we have provided below, a link to a page for your state that contain valuable paternity testing law information, as well as a link to your vital statistic office containing an online application to have the name changed on the birth certificate. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us at toll free (877) 786-9543, and case manager would be happy to serve you.


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