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What is Y DNA Testing?

Y-STR Male Lineage DNA Testing

A Y DNA male lineage DNA test is often the best option when the alleged siblings to be tested are males. The Y-STR test can conclusively determine if (2) or more males originate from some the same male line. Candidates for Y DNA testing include brothers, paternal cousins, grandfather/grandson, uncle/nephew and more, as long as all relationships are on the father’s side and through an unbroken male line.

It is also important to note that the suspected alleged fathers must not both come from the male like such as being brother or cousins from the same male line. This is because the Y DNA  test will not determine the exact biological relationship on the male side.  It will however confirm or deny any existence of a biological relationship through the male side. In instances where full or half siblings are both males this is a more conclusive option especially when the mother(s) is not able or willing to participate.

With so many entities on the Internet selling Y DNA tests , which lab should you choose?  Most entities on the Internet just re-sell the Y DNA order to the lowest bidder, who's often an out of country lab.

Our lab however, performs all DNA tests in house.  In so doing, we can avoid many errors caused by middlemen. You can Buy at PaternityUSA.com with confidence.

Precise At Home Male Lineage Y DNA Test

Our Y DNA testing delivers very conclusive test results that will answer the question – are the tested males from the same paternal line. The test focuses on the STR (Short Tandem Repeat) from the Y-chromosome passed from male to male. The Y-chromosome produces a variable sequence that is almost as unique as a fingerprint and is passed from father to son. This sequence will be virtually identical in an unbroken male lineage for generations. Subsequently, if the tested males are from the same paternal line, they will have matching Y-STR profiles.

The cost of Y DNA tests include analysis for 2 males.  More test participants can be added if needed however.

Why Risk Using Your Own Q-tips® - We Ship A Sterile Collection Kit To You For Free

Our Y DNA test package comes complete with collection kit, DNA analysis and test results. Some companies advertise that you can make your own collection kit by using your own Q-tips®. However, we do not recommend this practice. There is a risk of multiple DNA samples being found on Q-tips® that are not sterile, or that may be handled by more than one person. Q-tips® you may have in your home could already have DNA from other sources on them. For this reason, we send a DNA collection kit containing sterile buccal swabs to you at no charge. We even ship the kit to you via FREE USPS rushed delivery so you have your sterile medical swabs as ready for use fast.

At PaternityUSA.com you can purchase the best quality DNA tests in the industry from our world renowned lab at the cheapest prices. Our lab is the most trusted name in DNA testing in the USA and the world. Top-notch geneticists conduct and oversee all of our DNA tests using proven scientific methods and state of the art equipment in our AABB accredited laboratory. Our service is simply unparalleled and our prices are very affordable. You can rest assured your DNA samples are secure and your test results will be accurate. With today’s technology and inexpensive pricing on DNA relationship testing, there is no longer a need to go without knowing the truth about a biological relationship. PaternityUSA is here to help you find the answers you seek.

Participants In Different Cities Or States

It isn't uncommon for test participants to live too far apart to get together and do the Y-STR test collection. We offer an option to have multiple collection kits shipped out for these situations. When you place your order, simply choose the option for an additional address. We send each collection kit for all addresses on your order within the contiguous USA with the same shipping method as the first. We link the collection kits using reference numbers and bar codes before shipping. Then, when the samples are received back in lab, they are matched to your case through those bar codes and reference numbers.

Testing Process And DNA Sample Collection

The Y DNA testing process is very simple. DNA sampling is done through a cheek swab, which is also called a buccal, swab. The swab is painlessly rubbed against the inside of the cheek to collect skin cells from the inside of the mouth. All of our tests are processed twice.  For that reason, there will be 4 swabs per person in your collection kit. Do two swabs on each side of the mouth. It is best to rinse the mouth with water and refrain from smoking or drinking coffee or tea for 2-3 hours before the DNA collection. Once the swabs have been taken, place the samples in the return prepaid mailer. Finally, drop the samples off at the courier’s location or box to send your samples to the lab for testing.

When all samples are in the lab, you will be notified via email that testing has begun. The test results of your Y DNA test will be emailed in 3-5 business days. If purchased, hard copy results are mailed to the billing address unless otherwise noted.

We ship our collection kits free USPS delivery Monday through Friday to physical addresses within the contiguous USA. Orders received and processed by 2:00 PM EST are shipped the same business day. Orders received after that time will be shipped the following business day.

Informational and Legally Binding Y DNA Testing

We offer the best Y DNA test for an at home setting the industry.  The at home Y DNA test can provide you with peace of mind of whether or not two tested males are from an unbroken paternal lineage. However, if you need the Y DNA test to be admissible in a court of law or other domestic agency, purchase a legal Y DNA test. Furthermore, our legal Y DNA tests may be used as admissible court approved evidence in case of child support, visitation rights, change name on the birth certificate, estate, wills, probate situations, and/or any other type case where the identity of the tested parties must be proven by an accredited DNA test. If your DNA test is for immigration purposes, the USCIS/ICE & Dept. Of Homeland security may require AABB accredited DNA evidence of the biological relationship. If so, then please order an accredited DNA test for immigration purposes.

Other Types Of DNA Tests And Samples

A Y DNA male lineage test is only done between two or more males; as the Y-chromosome is only passed to males by their father. If two males are not available to take part in a Y DNA male lineage DNA test, we do have other testing options for you and your family. A paternity or maternity test is always conclusive. A grandparent test is conducted using one or both of the alleged parent’s biological parents. A siblingship, or sibship, test is a test done with another child who may share the same parent(s). If the alleged parent has a full brother or sister, an avuncular aunt/uncle DNA test is another option. Additionally, an mtDNA mitochondrial test conclusively determines whether or not the test participants are from the same female lineage and can be done with either gender.

The most common collection method is through a cheek swab. However, we understand at times a test participant is not able to submit a swab; such as may be the case where a family member may be deceased, incarcerated or otherwise unavailable. For these cases, we offer forensic processing services for other types of DNA samples. Ear wax, hair (must have the root ball attached), mucous on a tissue, finger or toe nail clippings, and toothbrushes are common forensic samples. Additionally, in certain cases tissue or blood samples may be available from a medical examiner or coroner’s office. Forensic sampling prices apply for non-standard samples. For pricing and more details on this process, please contact a DNA Case Manager.

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