How Accurate is Sibling DNA Testing?

Sibling DNA test - Private - Cheap - Accurate How Accurate is Sibling DNA Testing?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to confirm a sibling relationship, who should you buy your test from? Wit does not matter if for legal reasons, curiosity peace of mind, or if you found long-lost family member. A sibling DNA test from PaternityUSA can provide the answers you need. But the question most often asked is, “just how accurate are these tests”, and/or “which is the best testing option for my situation”? So let's delve a bit into sibling DNA testing, and it's ability to uncover the truth.

What Sibling DNA Testing?

A relational sibling DNA test is performed by analyzing the actual genetic markers between two individuals thus reporting the likelihood of a half or full sibling relationship exists or not. Siblingship DNA tests look at specific regions of DNA known as genetic markers, which are unique & different in every sibling except identical siblings. By analyzing & comparing these markers, our genetic specialist can very conclusively determine the probability of an existing sibship relationship or the absence thereof.

So, you might be asking, “Just how accurate are these sibling tests”? The simple answer is, the accuracy of any DNA test largely depends on the actual number of genetic markers analyzed. Therefore, the more markers analyzed, the higher the accuracy of the test results. This is where excels by offering two comprehensive testing options.

More Genetic Markers = More Conclusive Result is unique in that they offer two types of sibling tests options: a 24- marker sibling DNA test and a 46-genetic marker sibling DNA test. So why do the number of genetic markers matter to you anyway?

So, imagine genetic markers representing pieces of a puzzle that need to be solved. Ideally, the more pieces you have put together, the clearer the picture gets. The 24 genetic markers test is the standard test offered everywhere on the Internet and provides a solid foundation for accurate sibling DNA testing. This is a great testing option particularly when you have the mother(s) present and available to test.  However, if the mother's DNA is unavailable or unwilling to test, they recommend the 46-marker test to greatly enhance the accuracy.

Sibling DNA Testing, What Is The Benefit?

A sibling DNA test may offer many benefits and uses in real-life situations. Let's explore three good reasons to buy a sibling DNA testing for your situation:

  1. Pending Legal Matters: When a legal case arises such as an inheritance, child support, or custody disputes, a sibling DNA test can provide court admissible irrefutable evidence concerning the biological relationships. PaternityUSA offers an accurate test option granting ease of use, peace of mind, and clarity in legal situations.
  2. Reunification Of Family: Sometimes individuals may seek to reconnect with a long-lost sibling thus making a sibling DNA test a powerful & useful tool. It doesn’t matter if separated through an adoption, immigration, or any other situation, a sibling DNA test can help reunite families and uncover those family secrets tucked away for many years.
  3. Insights Into One’s Health: A sibling DNA test can provide great health related information by confirmation or denying the existence of a biological relationship.  Thus, if the relationship exists, that individual can take proactive steps towards if so needed. With PaternityUSA's affordable price structure, this crucial information more accessible & cheaper than it ever has been before.

The Accuracy Advantage: 46 Genetic Markers vs. Competitors

Not all siblingship tests are created equal When it comes to what accuracy they can deliver. When you buy PaternityUSA's 46-genetic marker test you’ll receive a significant advantage over competitors who only examine 16 or 24 markers.

Take for an example if you were to compare a fingerprint with just a few points of comparison versus one with dozens of points of analysis. The more points you compare during the test, the more confident you can with the results. Likewise, by analyzing 46 genetic markers, a PaternityUSA sibling DNA test increases the precision and reliability of their test results exponentially.

How To Choose The Best Sibling Test For Your Situation?

We've now explored the accuracy and benefits of sibling DNA testing, so “why should you choose PaternityUSA”?

  1. Very Affordable: PaternityUSA offers very affordable DNA testing options for the most accurate DNA tests in the market. Their 24-marker option offer participation of the mother for free and is recommended whenever possible. By doing so, they prioritize affordability without sacrificing quality.
  2. Comprehensive DNA Analysis: Both the 24 and 46 marker tests that PaternityUSA provides, deliver a comprehensive solution which is tailored for you, and your specific needs. Whether the mother's DNA is available or not, they ensure “Accurate Results You Can Trust At Prices You Can Afford”!
  3. 5-Star Customer Support & Expertise: The sales representatives that serve you at PaternityUSA have many years of experience and are skilled professionals.  PaternityUSA offers you 5-star customer service throughout the entire process. From the creating of order, sample collection, to result delivery; their dedicated support team is there to serve you at every step of the way.’s sibling DNA testing offers a reliable and 100% accurate result regarding the existence of a sibling relationship or lack thereof. PaternityUSA's affordable test prices and comprehensive analysis provide answers you can trust in your home or court of law. It doesn’t matter if you're dealing with a legal matter, seeking lost family members, or exploring health insights, a siblingship DNA test can provide the answers you so desperately want. Unravel the truth with PaternityUSA's trusted sibship DNA tests.

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