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Semen Detection , DNA Profiling, and Infidelity DNA Testing Service Are you wondering if your spouse or loved one is cheating on you? Sexual infidelity is a serious social problem plaguing relationships around the world. Additionally, unfaithfulness contributes to a high percentage of divorce in the United States. It is a sensitive subject that often times is not easy to accept and difficult to find "evidence" to prove, but an infidelity DNA detection test can help.

At PaternityUSA, we understand the serious nature of suspected infidelity. For this reason, we handle each case with care, compassion and discretion. With our infidelity DNA test, it is possible find conclusive answers once and for all. Did you find a suspicious article of clothing such as a stained undergarment or any another object? Don't to trust a cheap, unreliable infidelity test for such a serious issue.  The price you may pay for a false result could be immeasurable.

Why Our Infidelity Tests Are Better

Our DNA infidelity testing is accurate, reliable, and strictly confidential. Cheaper self-test kits only look for presence of material that glows under a substandard chemical or UV light.  In reality, many substances such as blood or urine will look the same in this process. These tests risk giving you a false positive result that will cause more harm than good. On the other hand, a DNA infidelity test is a forensic process.  Our DNA detection test produces a genetic or DNA profile from the suspected stain or bodily fluid. This profile can then be compared to a known profile, such as your own or your spouse’s to verify identity or exclude a possibility. This test will give you proof positive of a DNA match.

DNA testing provides conclusive results that confirm or deny the presence of male and/or female DNA on suspicious items. Moreover, it is often possible derive a complete DNA profile from the stain and then compare it to your own in order to prove or disprove whether it is yours or not.  Get the peace of mind you need to confidently take the next step in your life.

When You Suspect Infidelity

When you suspect someone of being unfaithful, the presence of stains on undergarments can be possible indicators of sexual infidelity. During and after sexual activity, semen and vaginal fluids can be deposited on undergarments, panties, bed sheets, clothing, upholstery or other surfaces. Sperm cells can also reside in the vagina for up to five days after intercourse; and can remain identifiable for much longer through dried stains.

What and How We Test

There many items that can used for forensic infidelity testing. In general, commonly tested items include dried stains on clothing, novelty items, underwear, sheets, feminine products and dried semen or vaginal fluid on tissue and more. If you have a question about something you would like tested, contact a case manager at (877) 786-9543.

Every PaternityUSA infidelity test is performed in our AABB accredited laboratory. In fact, our lab is the largest most trusted name in DNA testing throughout the USA and the world. All of our tests are performed by top-notch geneticists using proven scientific methods and state of the art equipment in our AABB accredited laboratory. Our service is simply unparalleled and our prices are very affordable. Most importantly, you can rest assured your DNA samples are secure and your test results will be accurate.

DNA Detection

In this process, a geneticist forensically processes an item or garment to detect the presence of male and/or female DNA. In the analysis, the geneticist identifies the presence of DNA. Then, the geneticist determines whether the DNA is from a male or female donor (or both). If the DNA is to be used in a comparison, then profile(s) will be extracted for further testing.

DNA Comparison

With our infidelity DNA detection and comparison, we send a collection kit containing a buccal (or cheek) swab. We ship your collection kit with free USPS delivery so you get your answers quickly. The cheek swab can be done on yourself, your partner or someone you may suspect in the affair. This swab is the control sample. Simply collect your DNA on the cheek swab by rubbing it in your mouth. Then, return the swab and the item you wish to have analyzed in the prepaid return envelope.

In the lab, if DNA is detected on the sample during the DNA detection process, then a DNA profile will be compiled. This DNA is then identified as male or female DNA. In some cases, multiple profiles may be present.  When this is the case, it is important to have a control sample. You may choose to compare the DNA found on the item against your genetic profile. This is often done to rule yourself out as a donor. In touching or handling the item, you may transfer your DNA to the sample item. On the other hand, you may want to collect a cheek swab from the person in question to positively identify them as the donor.

What To Expect From The DNA Detection and Comparison Process

The DNA detection and comparison process is a multi-step process. First of all, the item submitted for analysis is forensically processed to determine the presence of and extract any DNA profiles. If/when a DNA profile(s) is extracted from the forensic sample, we compare that profile to the sample you submit via the swab. For example, if you suspect your mate of being unfaithful, you can send in an undergarment for forensic analysis. We will then test it for the presence of genetic material (e.g., semen or vaginal fluids). Next, we compare this to the control sample DNA profile (e.g., your own from a cheek swab). In the end, the result will be conclusive, accurate, and discreet. Finally find the truth you are seeking.

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