In this test, 2 or 3 paternal relatives are compared against a target child to determine a biological relationship.   The paternal relatives may be either parents or siblings to the alleged father.

Please note that other children of the alleged father will not be compatible for this type of testing.  If you would like to test with other children, please purchase a siblingship DNA test instead.

Collection: You may not choose the witness for your legal DNA test unless they’re from a doctor’s office. If using your doctor, enter their office address in the shipping section.

If you choose professional collection at one of our clinic locations, someone will contact you to arrange an appointment for your collection.

2 Addresses: If test participants are in different cities or states, choose the option for additional shipping address or separate appointments and enter their information.

Results: Results are mailed within one week after the test is complete.  If you purchase email results, the result is emailed within 24 hours of testing completion.

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Legal Family Reconstruction


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