Need Legal Or Curiosity Results?

Our Legal grandparent tests are legal in all 50 states.  If you want a grandparent test for personal information, then follow this link to our non-legal grandparent test .

Legal grandparent DNA testing is often used as an indirect way to prove paternity when the alleged father is not available for testing. Testing can be performed with one or both paternal grandparents. Your legal test result will be a notarized document that can be used for legal purposes in all 50 states.

At only $245, our legal grandparent DNA test includes analysis for 1 grandparent and 1 child with sample collection at your doctor’s office. For $345, our legal grandparent DNA test comes complete with professional collection for 1 grandparent and 1 child at one of our over 3,500 locations.

Most Accurate: We strongly recommend adding the mother of the child to the test to get the most conclusive result possible.  If it is not possible to test the mother, we recommend the option for testing additional markers as needed.

Sample Collection: If using your doctor, enter their office address in the shipping section. To follow AABB guidelines, only a doctor or medical professional can act as your collector/witness.

For collection service at one of our clinic locations, someone will contact you within 24 hours to arrange an appointment.

2 Addresses: If test participants are in different cities or states, choose the option for additional shipping address or separate appointments and enter their contact or mailing information.

Results: Results are mailed within one week after the test is complete.  If you purchase email results, the result is emailed within 24 hours of testing completion.


Legal Grandparent Test


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