A maternity test will conclusively determine whether or not a biological mother/child relationship exists between test participants. Our maternity tests are 100% accurate and a legal test will produce a notarized result that is AABB accredited and can be used for legal purposes in any of the 50 states.

At only $195 our legal maternity DNA test includes testing for one mother and child with sample collection at your doctor’s office. For $325.00, your DNA collection can be performed at one of our 3,500 network locations.

Collection: For a professional collection at one of our clinic locations, we will contact you within one business day to arrange a collection appointment once your order is processed. If using your doctor instead, enter the office address in the shipping section. Only a doctor’s office or medical clinic may perform your collection and act as your witness.

Results: Results are mailed within one week after testing completion.  If you purchase email results, the result is emailed within 24 hours after the test is complete.

If you need a maternity test for immigration purposes, please choose our immigration DNA test.

Legal Maternity Test


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