Is a Home Paternity Test Accurate?

Cheap At Home Paternity Testing $115 - Affordable Legal Paternity Test $175 Yes—we're talking about 99.99% accuracy at determining whether a guy is really your biological father or not. Simply put a home paternity test will report either that there is a 99.99% chance that you are the father, or a 0% chance, no-way they can possibly be the father.

That's right on par with the kind of accuracy you'd get from a PaternityUSA's home paternity test. The technology has come so incredibly far, it's pretty wild!

So you can breathe easy. If the test says Sam is your dad, he almost certainly is with a percentage of over 99.99%. And if it says he's not the father, you can take that result to the bank. There's little need to worry about the test getting it wrong—you'll have the solid facts you need.

However, even though the test itself rarely lies, the legal side of things can get complicated. Keep reading!

The Legal Side of Paternity Tests

Legally speaking, the court requires a witnessed DNA collection, for the test results to be official. A home test won't cut it in court, even if it's right. They simply could say you faked it because you did not perform chain of custody collection like you would in a legal paternity test.

If you need legal proof, you must perform a legal DNA collection. PaternityUSA's trained staff can help you get a test the court will accept as hard evidence.

But if you just want personal answers, the home test will give you the real truth. Getting the law involved isn't needed if you just need the answer for personal use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the potential dad is dead? Can I still do a home test?

Yep, you can still do a home DNA test if the potential father died. You'd just need a DNA sample from his close biological relatives, and perform a sibling DNA test, grandparent DNA test, or aunt/uncle avuncular DNA test with a full brother or sister of the alleged father. Then, the lab will simply compare their DNA to yours to see if you're related.

Do I need the mom's DNA for a paternity test?

Nah, you don't need the mother's DNA for a home paternity test. You only need samples from the child and potential dad to look for DNA matches. The only time mom is needed in a paternity test, is when the other potential father is a brother, cousin, or other close relative to the alleged father.

What if I'm adopted and don't know my bio parents? Could a home test help?

For sure! Home DNA tests from ancestry companies can help you identify bio parents and relatives by matching your DNA to their users. This can give big clues if you were adopted, but you'll need to verify the results with a follow-up relational test. For this, you simply have PaternityUSA perform a relational DNA test to confirm or deny those findings.

Do home paternity tests show anything besides the father?

Basic home paternity tests only look for the bio father. But more extensive genealogical ancestral DNA tests can provide info on ethnic heritage, health risks, and more for parents and child.

Where can I get a home DNA test kit?

You can find home DNA test kits from online at's web-site. Some pharmacies may have them too, but you usually end up paying more going that route, because you spend $29-$39 for the DNA collection kit, and then you'll need to pay an additional $129-$139 for lab processing fees. PaternityUSA's home paternity tests are on $115 complete.

How do I get a child's DNA sample for testing?

For kids, you can safely collect DNA by gently swabbing the inside of their cheek with the kit's swabs. Make it fun by pretending to be a giant toothbrush! No blood needed, and is completely painless.

Can I secretly test a child's paternity without the dad knowing?

Technically, no. if the person ordering the test not already on the child's birth certificate. Paternity tests without a parents consenting could lead to legal issues later. Best to be open and get consent first if you are not on the birth certificate already.

Key Home Paternity Testing Takeaway

  • Home testing gives you affordable, private, and fast answers for your own peace of mind when legal proof isn't needed.
  • Be transparent with all parties involved and gain proper consent before testing a child to avoid potential legal issues down the road.
  • Take the time to educate yourself on how home DNA testing works, your rights and options, and seek support if this process resurfaces difficult emotions about paternity questions.
  • If unsure, contact PaternityUSA, and speak to one of their knowledgeable DNA testing counselors.

PaternityUSA stands out as the best option for affordable home DNA testing, offering comprehensive testing options, reliability, and affordability. PaternityUSA offers Results you can trust at prices you can afford!

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