How Accurate Is A Grandparents DNA Test?

Grandparent DNA testing Ever wondered if those grandparent DNA tests you see online are for real? Like can they seriously prove if Grammy and Gramps are actually your grandparents? Or are they kind of flaky and not so sure?

Well, let's chat about it and I'll fill you in!

How Accurate Are Grandparent Tests?

The top grandparent DNA companies get it right over 99% of the time. That's crazy good! Here's some examples:

  • World renown web-sites like can provide answers with over 100% accuracy.
  •'s 46 marker grandparent DNA test can hit it out of the park with a greater conclusive result because they tests more markers than any other relational DNA testing service.
  • The labs with vast experience in grandparent testing have this down to a science. Their analysis gets it right just about every time.

What are grandparent DNA tests?

Grandparent DNA look at special genetic markers that get passed down through families over generations. The test checks to see if grandparents and grandkids have matching chunks of DNA.

If the markers line up the way they're supposed to based on classic inheritance patterns, it confirms they're related as grandparents and grandchildren. Pretty neat, right? These tests can trace connections through mom's parents, dad's parents, or both pairs depending on who's taking part.

Why do people need grandparent DNA tests?

There's all kinds of reasons you or someone in your family might want a test like this. Here's some examples:

  • If grandparents end up raising their grandkids, a legal grandparent DNA test scientifically proves the relationship for legal custody rights and stuff.
  • Adopted children trying to find their birth grandparents can use it to make the connection.
  • If a grandparent passes away and leaves money or property to grandchildren in their will, it can confirm which ones should inherit it.
  • Some grandparents and grandchildren simply think it's fun to have scientific proof they're kin. Just out of curiosity or to feel closer!

What things make the test more accurate?

The big DNA testing companies say their grandparent tests are crazy accurate - like over 99% right. But some stuff makes them even more bulletproof.

Testing both grandparents, not just one

Testing grandpa and grandma together instead of just grandpa or just grandma gives you the best results. If only one grandparent's around, you might get more unsure answers.

Including the mom or dad in the test

Adding the parent - so the grandkid's mom or dad - helps the lab figure out which grandparent different DNA came from. That makes the results more certain.

If the mom or both grandparents are not available, then PaternityUSA's 46 marker grandparent tests will do the trick by analyzing markers than any other relational DNA testing service.

Picking a lab that's done tons of grandparent tests

Not all DNA labs are the same. PaternityUSA's lab preforms 3 of 4 private DNA tests in the USA. Therefore their grandparent testing gets it right more than any general DNA lab. Find a service that specializes in relative testing. Beware of out of country labs that offer cheap 16-22 marker tests.

When might the results be unsure?

It's really rare, but sometimes the results just can't say for sure if two people are grandparents and grandkids. Here's some reasons:

  • No mom added to test or only one grandparent instead of two gets tested. If that is the case, you are recommended to buy the 46 marker test!
  • The DNA samples are too small or ruined somehow. In this case you are notified to re-collect DNA.
  • It's a super tricky family situation, like someone was adopted, or other familiar relationships exist.
  • Sometimes it's just best to perform a paternity test with the alleged father.

But a good DNA lab will explain if your test is inconclusive and give options to maybe get clearer answers. They're the experts! If you need hardcore proof you're related to a grandparent or just want answers about your ancestors, DNA can do it. PaternityUSA knows grandparent testing and they will provide a virtually bulletproof answer every time.

PaternityUSA stands out as the best option for grandparent DNA testing, offering comprehensive testing options, reliability, and affordability. PaternityUSA offers Results you can trust at prices you can afford!

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