Can You Do a Paternity Test with a Grandparent?

Grandparent DNA testing Wondering if a grandparent can take a paternity test instead of the potential dad? YES, it's possible!

This special grandparent DNA test can be super helpful when you need to figure out family connections.

How Does Testing a Grandparent Work?

The test looks at DNA matches between a grandkid, parent, and grandparent. It compares their genes to see if they're truly biologically related.

These tests zoom in on DNA pieces you get from your parents and grandparents. Checking if these match up lets testing labs calculate the odds of a real grand family link.

When Would You Use Grandparent Testing?

You might need grandparent testing if:

  • The supposed dad passed away or can't test. Then grandparents could provide answers about the paternity of the tested party.
  • The alleged dad won't admit he's the father or won't take a test. Testing the grandparents can work around his refusal. When you test both grandparents, it's like having the father present biologically.
  • For social security or family inheritance you need proof of biological ties across generations.
  • If doing family history research and want to confirm ancestral connections.

So grandparent DNA testing a great option when you can't get the potential dad's DNA or he disputes being the father.

Why Test Both Grandparents Instead of Just One?

For best results, test the possible paternal grandma and grandpa, not just one.

Since inheritance is random, you might not get enough telling genes from a single grandparent.

Testing both means more chances the grandkid will have obvious DNA chunks from that grandma and grandpa pair. This will provide stronger proof they're actually related!

Can It Work Testing Only One Grandparent?

Testing just grandma or just grandpa could potentially give useful info, but it is highly recommended that you choose the 46 marker grandparent DNA test in such situations.

There's a decent shot the grandkid has enough DNA markers from one lone grandparent to show a biological connection. But also a chance they didn't inherit enough for solid proof, and so the 46 marker test will allow a deeper look into the genetics.

Instead of clear yes or no, you might get a wishy-washy "inconclusive" result testing only one. Having the second grandparent helps to reduce uncertainty, and increase the level of conclusiveness.

Should Mom Take Part Too?

For best accuracy, it's fabulous if the mom can give a DNA sample too, but if not, then again the 46 marker test option will allow for a deeper look.

Mom's DNA helps the experts in a few ways:

  • Gives a marker for which genes came from the mother side. Leaves the rest as possibly from the unknown dad side.
  • Helps track if distinct genes in the grandkid came down through the unknown dad or not.
  • Lets them sort the grandkid's DNA into mom chunks vs dad chunks for easier comparing to the grandparent. If dad chunks don't match well it raises doubts.

So mom's not required but adding her can strengthen the test results.

How Do They Get the DNA Samples?

Collecting DNA is quick, easy, and painless - just a cheek swab, no blood needed!

The grandkid, grandparent(s), and mom (if joining) rub a soft swab on the inside of their cheek to grab some cells. They seal it up and ship it back to PaternityUSA's AABB accredited lab located in the USA.

At the lab, they extract the DNA and scan it for special markers that reveal family ties. PaternityUSA will even mail the kits right to your home or office, for ultimate comfort & privacy

Can You Use Home DNA Tests?

Lots of at-home paternity test kits are sold online. But they're best for personal knowledge only, and not legal or official use. Since PaternityUSA's lab is AABB accredited, they also offer legal grandparent DNA testing option where you visit one of their over 3500 USA locations for legal sample collection.

Since the home test is collected at home without chain of custody supervision, it may not be used for legal purposes because you can not prove whose DNA was actually collected, and thus not valid in court.

For legal stuff, government benefits, inheritance, or if a court case may follow, you need testing by our accredited lab under watchful eyes. They must make sure no tampering or mishandling occurs!

PaternityUSA stands out as the best option for grandparent DNA Testing, offering comprehensive 46 marker testing options, reliability, and affordability. PaternityUSA offers Results you can trust at prices you can afford!

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