South Carolina DNA Testing Laws & Statutes

South Carolina DNA Paternity Testing To Change Name On Birth Certificate

South Carolina Birth Certificate Vital Statistic Information:

If you need to obtain a copy of your child’s South Carolina birth certificate, or want to change your child’s name, buy the needed South Carolina legal DNA paternity testing kit to prove your relationship, and then contact the office of vital statistics for South Carolina (SC)

South Carolina (SC) Vital Records
South Carolina Bureau of Vital Statistics
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201
South Carolina (SC) Vital Statistic Application
Phone (803) 898-3630


South Carolina Legal DNA Paternity Testing Laws & Statutes:

Need court approved legal DNA testing for Paternity, Siblings, Grandparent, Avuncular Aunt/Uncle, and/or USCIS immigration DNA Testing in your city & state? We offer AABB Accredited Legal DNA Tests for USCIS Immigration Visa, CRBA, Child Support Enforcement, estate planning, Social Security Benefits, or any other legal purpose which requires an AABB accredited DNA test. You may also use our South Carolina legal DNA paternity testing kits to change names on a birth certificate with your local vital statistics office. The important legal DNA statutes information below will help you to learn more about the South Carolina Legal DNA paternity testing laws in your state.

According to the Laws of South Carolina and paternity statute 20-7-956 of the 1976 Code is amended to read:

Voluntary Acknowledgment Of Paternity

“(4) A verified voluntary acknowledgment of paternity. This acknowledgment creates a rebuttable presumption of the putative father’s paternity except that a verified voluntary acknowledgment of paternity executed after January 1, 1998, creates a conclusive presumption of the putative father’s paternity subject to the provisions of Section 20-7-958. The person acknowledging paternity must be given the opportunity to seek legal advice prior to signing a verified voluntary acknowledgment. A verified voluntary acknowledgment must be made by a sworn document, signed by the person acknowledging paternity and witnessed by (1) that person’s attorney, parent, or guardian or (2) a person eighteen years of age or older who is not related to the child and not employed or acting under the authority of the Department Bureau of Social Services. The witness must attach to the acknowledgment a written certification which specifies that prior to signing the acknowledgment, the provisions of the acknowledgment were discussed with the person acknowledging paternity and that, based upon this discussion, it is the witness’ opinion that the acknowledgment is being given voluntarily and that it is not being obtained under duress or through coercion.”

20-7-9545- Child Support Enforcement may establish paternity

(A) The division Office of Child Support Enforcement may establish paternity of a child in the course of a negotiation conference held pursuant to Section 20-7-9525 based upon an application for services or receipt of services by the custodian pursuant to Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Service on the alleged father pursuant to this section must be made as provided in Section 20-7-9520. In addition to the notice of financial responsibility as set forth in Section 20-7-9515, the division office must serve the alleged father with a notice of paternity determination shall include: [More]


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