Infidelity DNA testing is now simpler and more affordable than ever.

A DNA detection and comparison consists of one item of evidence, usually clothing or fabric, and a reference swab sample.

In this process, leading geneticists will forensically analyze a garment or item to detect the presence of male or female DNA.  If a full DNA profile is extracted it will then be compared against a control swab, or reference sample, to either confirm or deny that the DNA belongs to that person.

You can have a swab kit sent to you with a postage-paid return mailer, or for complete discretion you can send your samples in directly by choosing the option on the next page to make your own kit. With this option, nothing will be mailed to you. We will email a case number and instructions for submitting your samples.

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NEW YORK NOTICE: Due to NY State Department of Health regulations, we cannot ship home testing kits to addresses within the state of New York. Please call 1-877-786-9543 for assistance.

Infidelity DNA Test


  • Name of person to confirm/deny as donor of DNA. This does not have to be a full legal name. If you wish you can use first name, nickname, etc.
  • Your item will be altered/damaged in testing, however if you wish to have it returned, choose this option and it will be returned to your shipping address upon case completion.
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