Pennsylvania DNA Testing Laws & Statutes

Pennsylvania Legal DNA Paternity Testing To Change Name On Birth Certificate

Pennsylvania Birth Certificate Vital Statistic Information:

If you need to obtain a copy of your child's Pennsylvania birth certificate, or want to change your child's name, buy the needed Pennsylvania legal DNA paternity testing kit to prove your relationship, and then contact the office of vital statistics for Pennsylvania (PA)

Pennsylvania Legal DNA Paternity Testing To Change Name On Birth Certificate

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Pennsylvania Legal Paternity DNA Testing Laws & Statutes:

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According to the Laws of Pennsylvania and paternity statute 1910.15

Rule 1910.15. Paternity.

(a) Acknowledgment of Paternity. If the action seeks support for a child born out of wedlock and the alleged father is named as defendant, the defendant may acknowledge paternity in a verified writing. The conference officer shall advise the parties that pursuant to Section 5103(d) of Title 23 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes an acknowledgment constitutes conclusive evidence of defendant’s paternity without further judicial ratification in any action to establish support. Upon defendant’s execution of the written acknowledgment, the action shall proceed as in other actions for support.

(b) Genetic Testing. If the defendant appears but does not execute an acknowledgment of paternity at the conference:
(1) The court shall enter an order directing the parties to appear for genetic testing. The order must advise the defendant that his failure to appear for the testing will result in entry of an order finding that he is the father of the child. The order must also advise the plaintiff that her failure to appear for testing may result in sanctions, including entry of an order dismissing the paternity action without prejudice.
(2) The conference officer shall advise and provide written notice to the parties that they may enter into a written stipulation whereby both agree to submit to genetic testing for the purpose of resolving finally the issue of paternity. If the test results indicate a 99% or higher probability of paternity, the defendant shall be stipulated to be the biological father of the child and the case referred for a child support conference. If the test results indicate an exclusion, the action shall be dismissed. The written stipulation constitutes a waiver of the right to a hearing on the genetic testing or trial on the issue of paternity.
(3) The conference officer shall advise and provide written notice to the parties that if they do not enter into a written stipulation and the test results do not indicate an exclusion, there will be a hearing regarding genetic testing or trial before a judge without a jury on the issue of paternity in accordance with the procedures set forth in subdivision (d) of this Rule.

(c) Estoppel and Presumption of Paternity. If either party or the court raises the issue of estoppel or the issue of whether the presumption of paternity is applicable, the court shall dispose promptly of the issue and may stay the order for genetic testing until the issue is resolved. [More]

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