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Order A Home DNA Paternity Test Kit

You may choose to only purchase the Home DNA Test Kit now and purchase the paternity testing services at a later date. The costs below are for a single DNA Test collection kit only; should you require additional DNA Testing kits please return to this page to add each additional kit.

Choose this option if you need to get DNA test kits only and hold them on standby until you're able to actually perform the DNA test without tying up the funds for the entire DNA test amount. You can have the kits stored in a drawer on standby allowing you to simply do the DNA test when the opportunity arises. Once you administer the DNA test just send them back with the additional processing fees required to perform the actual DNA test you need.

The difference between Blood and Buccal sample collection methods

Buccal (Most Common) is the painless "Cheek Swab" Test and Blood testing is the "Pin Prick" method. If you're considering the blood option, it is quite important that you contact your own physician for the collection of blood samples for children under 8 years of age. We offers this option because it is much faster and easier for you to collect. Also, blood has a longer shelf life.

The procedure involves a small lancet that is used to lightly pierce a finger (most don’t even feel it). A small drop of blood is then transferred to a collection card – that’s it. If the blood test is not for you please select Buccal.  Blood is the best option for international orders because of the transatlantic delivery delays.

For more information about how are maternity tests are conducted, court admissibility, or for any other questions visit our test information page here, or contact our customer service toll free at  (877) 786-9543  or by email us..

Why You Should Choose Us:

When you choose a laboratory that is A.A.B.B. accredited, you can rely on the protocols used for DNA tests. The American Association Of Blood Banks sets the industry's standards for quality and reliability in DNA testing. For a lab to have their DNA test made valid in a court of law, they must be A.A.B.B. accredited. Many small labs cannot perform their own Legal tests, having to refer those cases to another laboratory that is actually accredited, because they are not. So ask yourself, If their results cannot be trusted in court, CAN YOU TRUST THEIR RESULTS IN YOUR HOME??

*Trusted- Our lab is fully A.A.B.B. accredited state of the art DNA testing laboratory, trusted as a worldwide provider of premium DNA tests.

*Accurate- We offer the highest quality standard test in the industry exceeding the FBI's standard for human identity.

*Easy- DNA samples are collected from family members by simply swabbing the inside of the cheeks with a special swab like a large Q-Tip. ((Easy & Painless))

*Affordable- At $120.00, we offer one of the lowest prices for the highest quality paternity tests in the industry. Peace of mind is now more affordable than ever.

*Fast- Paternity test results in 2 business days for standard testing. If needed, we also offer stat next day paternity test results for an additional fee.

*Convenience- Customer Service is priority one, and we are here to serve you. We offer FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING.

*Discrete- All Paternity DNA test kits are sent in unmarked envelopes which protect the identity of the contents. Security measures are taken at every turn to protect your rights to complete privacy. We will only discuss your case with you.

Why trust your paternity test to a small non AABB accredited laboratory offering a cheap quality test at a discounted price, when you can purchase a "Premium Quality DNA Test" performed at our A.A.B.B. accredited laboratory for about the same price.
What is the good to save a couple of dollars, and yet risk receiving FALSE RESULTS?

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