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We Guarantees Our DNA Test Results

The technical accuracy of the PowerPlex Multiplex is guaranteed to be 99.999% for inclusions and 100% for exclusions. We also offer a guarantee concerning the probability of paternity. You can trust our paternity test results in your home or court. Unlike competitors that make exaggerated claims, we guarantee our results


With almost all cases involving paternity, if the alleged father is the true father, then all the genetic markers will match those of the child. This type of result is commonly referred to as "no exclusions." Our lab guarantees that in such paternity & maternity cases (testing the mother, child, and alleged father), our accurate DNA paternity testing will yield Probabilities of Paternity of more than 99.999%. This is a 1000 times more than the 99% required by the AABB for legal DNA tests.

When you receive such an extremely high probability, you can have the peace of mind that the tested father is the true father. If we fail to exceed Probabilities of Paternity of 99.999% in cases of no exclusions, we will refund the cost of the paternity test kit. Another way to interpret a minimum Probability of Paternity of 99.999% is that the chance of a wrong conclusion (i.e., that the biological father is not the man tested) is at worst 1 in 100,000. Typically in our tests, these odds are 1 in millions, or even higher.

Testing the alleged father is always the best option

It is possible for the tested father to be the true father and still have one or even two exclusions (mismatched genetic markers) because of mutations in the father’s DNA. In most cases of one exclusion, the probability of paternity will still be very high (greater than 99.9%), although this cannot be guaranteed. In most states you only need a percentage of between 92%-95% to be accepted as a biological father. Cases of two exclusions may be ambiguous and require further testing of additional genetic markers. In some cases maybe a close family member (i.e., like a brother, cousin, uncle etc...) may also be an alleged potential father. Cases of three or more exclusions result in the conclusion that the tested father is "excluded" as being the father of the child. This results in a probability of exclusion of 100%.

If a paternity test includes only one parent and the child, we cannot guarantee a minimal probability of parenthood. In most cases, however, these probabilities are greater than 99.99%.

Accuracy Guarantee

*This guarantee assumes that the persons tested are each members of one of the following races: Asian-American, African-American, Caucasian-American, or Hispanic-American. This is specifically because the probabilities of paternity depend on the frequencies of different genetic markers in databases based on these races. We can still perform paternity tests with family members from other races, but calculations become more conservative and may possibly result in probabilities of paternity of less than 99.999%, although this is unlikely if all 15 genetic markers in the father match.

Because of AABB accreditation, our DNA testing laboratory performs all our DNA tests whether legal or Non-legal, in house, and using the most stringent control protocols in the industry. This assures that our clients with good security, that they are receiving the most Accurate DNA test result available. After all, what good is it if you save a few dollars on your DNA test, and yet risk receiving false results?. IS MONEY REALLY SAVED; AND AT WHAT EMOTIONAL COST?

When you compare apples to apples what our lab offers against those of the many other labs in the marketplace you will find that we truly offer the highest quality DNA tests at what are among the lowest prices. Please Call Us (877) 786-9543



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