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North Dakota, (ND) Paternity DNA Testing Services

Do you need a Home DNA Test Or Legal DNA Paternity Testing in North Dakota ? We can help! With PaternityUSA.com you can buy the most trusted & highest quality DNA tests in the industry from our world renowned lab at the cheapest prices.  Our lab DNA Diagnostic Center "DDC" is the largest & most trusted name in DNA testing through-out the USA and even the world. All of our tests are performed by top-notch geneticists using proven scientific methods and state of the art equipment in our AABB accredited laboratory.  Our service is simply unparalleled and our prices are affordable. We offer high quality, extremely accurate, and affordable DNA testing for paternity, maternity, sibling, grandparent, avuncular aunt/uncle. We also offer an AABB accredited & USCIS approved DNA test for immigration purposes. Our DNA testing services offer a highly accurate & very affordable solution for all your paternity testing needs. Rather performed in your home, lawyer's office, or one of our 1000's network mobile & DNA collection locations, our results are accurate, reliable, and trusted in courts worldwide.

For a legal DNA test, to be admissible in North Dakota, the test must meet AABB & court statutes in North Dakota.
Click here for state statutes and/or additional information on how to change a name on a birth certificate in your state.


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DNA For Paternity $120

Paternity FREE OVERNIGHT!! Home DNA paternity testing will determine if an alleged male is the biological the father with a 99.99%+ accuracy. $120.00 Incl. testing for father/child, FREE Overnight & lab fees.


Grandparent FREE OVERNIGHT!! These DNA tests will help you to determine the existence of biological relations between Grandparent and/or Aunt/Uncles to help determine the paternity. $150.00 Incl. 2 tested persons, FREE Overnight & lab.

Sibling DNA Test $150

Sibling FREE OVERNIGHT!! Our High Quality Accurate Sibling DNA testing will help to determine if 2 or more siblings share 1 or 2 parents comparing half vs full siblings. $150.00 Incl. 2 siblings FREE Overnight & lab fees.

Legal DNA - $230Immigration - $525

Immigration FREE OVERNIGHT!! Our AABB accredited legal DNA tests are court approved and accepted by USCIS & Dept of Homeland Security as court evidence and/or for CRBA Visas immigration DNA testing. incl.2 tested persons & lab.


Home DNA Testing
Drug Store DNA Test Kits

Why Buy Your DNA Test From Us?

Paternity issues have become commonplace in today’s society.  We even have tv shows like Maury that highlight the value of obtaining a DNA test to answer parentage questions. With the evolution of PCR DNA testing technology, obtaining a paternity, sibling, or grandparent DNA test is easy, affordable, and discreet.  When you have doubts as to the certainty of a child’s biological parentage, it is natural for you to want to know who the father of the child is. Performing a parentage test has many benefits from simply providing you peace of mind in satisfying your curiosity, to that of securing financial support for the child’s physical needs. Our at home DNA test provides for a cheap DNA testing price point while delivering results you can trust in your home or in a court of law.

First, a drug store DNA test is only good for a paternity analysis. Further, when you buy DNA test kit from a drug store or your local pharmacy, you will pay anywhere from $20-$40 for the kit. This initial cost is solely for the drug store to stock the item on their shelf. It is not for your actual testing. Although you may leave the store with the kit in hand, you still have yet to pay for the DNA test analysis.

Finally, you will be required to send upto $129 for lab processing, in addition to what you paid for the testing kit, when returning your samples to the lab via untraceable USPS mail or expedited mail, at yet another additional cost to you.

PaternityUSA's DNA testing service is a Faster, Cheaper, and Accurate solution over buying a test from a pharmacy.So If you've already purchased a do it yourself paternity kit at CVS®, Rite Aid®, Walgreens®, or Walmart® local pharmacy, you can send us the samples, and we'll process them for less. WE OFFER FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING TO SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY!


We Help Answer One Of Society's Most Delicate Questions,

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* Locations in North Dakota, (ND)

We have locations and/or mobile medical collectors in most North Dakota, (ND) cities below:
We can arrange an appointment for you that is either located in, or conveniently accessible from your home or office.
* Subject To Collector Availability In Ship To Address.


Afton Ferry Maddock Rolla
Allendale Fessenden Mandan Rugby
Apple Creek Finley Manvel Sawyer
Arthur Forman Mapleton Sheyenne
Arvilla Four Bears Mayville St. John
Ashley Garrison McClusky St. Thomas
Ashley Gibbs McVille Stanley
Barnes Glen Ullin Medina Stanton
Beach Glenburn Mekinock Steele
Belfield Grafton Michigan City Stony Creek
Berthold Grand Forks Midway Strasburg
Beulah Gwinner Milnor Sundre
Bismarck Hankinson Minnewaukan Surrey
Bloom Harrison Minot Tatman
Blooming Harvey Minto Thompson
Bottineau Harwood Mission Tioga
Bowbells Hatton Missouri Ridge Towner
Bowman Hay Creek Mohall Trenton
Brenna Hazen Mott Turtle Lake
Burlington Hebron Napoleon Underwood
Buxton Hettinger Neche Valley
Cando Hillsboro Nedrose Valley City
Carrington Homer New England Velva
Casselton Horace New Rockford Wahpeton
Cavalier Hunter New Salem Walhalla
Center Jamestown New Town Walle
Cooperstown Kenmare Normanna Washburn
Creel Killdeer Northwood Waterford
Crosby Kindred Oakes Watford City
Devils Lake Kirkelie Osborn West Fargo
Dickinson Kulm Park River Westhope
Drayton Lakota Parshall Whitteron
Dunseith Lallie Pembina Williston
Edgeley LaMoure Pleasant Wilton
Elgin Langdon Portland Wishek
Ellendale Larimore Ray Wood Lake
Emerado Leeds Reed Wyndmere
Enderlin Lidgerwood Reynolds Yellowstone
Eureka Lincoln Richardton
Fairmount Linton Roland
Fargo Lisbon Rolette

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