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About The Twin Zygosity DNA TestTwin Zygosity DNA Testing

This DNA test determines whether siblings are fraternal or identical twins or siblings. The cost of the Twin Zygosity DNA testing service includes two children, however you may add more if needed; for instance a third sibling. Parental samples are optional; if provided, paternity and/or maternity can also be verified.

Sometimes, before birth the OB-GYN may be able to tell whether the conceived twins are identical or fraternal through an ultrasound examination. There is a second chance a determination could be made when the twins are born, by doing a pathological examination of the placenta.

Neither of these methods are 100% accurate, however. Scientists often recommend that twin DNA testing be performed to determine the zygosity of twins if the question lingers. In some cases, medical records regarding zygosity get lost, or doubts arise because of the twins’ physical characteristics as they grow.

In such cases, only by performing a twin zygosity DNA test will you be able to reveal the truth regarding zygosity. A twin zygosity DNA test compares the twins’ DNA profiles to see whether they match—an exact match proves that the twins are identical while anything other than an exact match indicates the twins are fraternal.

A twin zygosity DNA test may be used solely for personal curiosity or in some cases it can be used to help solve any health problems the twins may encounter later down the road in life. A perfect example, if one of the twins needs an organ or tissue transplant donor, the identical twin is very often the most perfect match.

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Regarding Identical And Fraternal Twins:

Identical twins are formed from one fertilized egg, called a zygote. This zygote, which usually develops into one individual child, grows and then splits early in development to form two identical embryos—identical twins. Because the twins both come from the same one egg and the same one sperm, they have the same DNA.

Fraternal twins however, develop from two different eggs , which are fertilized by two individual sperm cells. Fraternal twins do not have exactly the same DNA, although similarly to other normal siblings, they share some of the DNA, which they inherit from both parents.

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When Should You Purchase a Legal Twin Zygosity DNA Test?

If the reason for your twin DNA test is solely for curiosity, then our home non-legal twin DNA test is right for you. If you think however, that the results may be required in a court of law, or that you may need the results to enforce child support or visitation, then you may want to consider getting a legal twin zygosity test instead for a small additional cost.

Some laboratories go through great lengths to inflate both the cost and explanation of a court admissible DNA test. In fact, if you do your homework, you'll discover that most small labs refer their legal DNA tests to other labs that are in fact A.A.B.B. accredited. They try to mislead you to believe they do their own tests, but they are prohibited if they are not accredited, leaving them no other option but to broker out the test. Our lab is accredited by the AABB and ISO 17025. A copy of our lab’s AABB accreditation certificate can be found here. 

Both a legal DNA test and a non-legal Twin Zygosity DNA test are performed in exactly the same manner with our laboratory, except that all persons tested are clearly identified as part of a legal test. In order for a DNA test to be valid in a court of law, it must meet the criteria as set forth by law, regarding the identification of person(s) being tested. This is commonly referred to as "chain of custody".

Many clients order a non-legal test, but later find themselves needing to go to court as a result of the findings. Usually they have another test performed to meet the "Chain Of Custody" requirements of the court and therefore will be court admissible.

Our competitors' legal DNA tests often range in price from $450.00-$750.00.

With Our Do-It-Yourself Home Legal Twin Zygosity DNA Test, You DO NOT Visit A Facility!

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The Collection Process Is Very Easy:

Our simple do-it-yourself kit collects DNA samples by simply swabbing the inside of the cheek and gum with a special swab (like a large Q-Tip). This is easy, quick, and painless. The Home Kit comes complete with easy to follow illustrated instructions, 2 collection apparatuses for each person, and a consent form to be filled out with information about each family member providing a sample. The buccal swab test takes about 10-15 minutes for 2 people, with an additional 15-20 minutes for the buccal swabs to dry. We also have a blood collection kit for blood sampling method “pin prick”. This requires just 1 drop of blood on FTA card, but has 3+ weeks of viability vs. a buccal swab which it generally only good for about 5 days. Freshness is one of the reasons we send our samples back on . (NOTE: Blood is a good option for International Orders)

Hair, Handkerchief, Tooth Brush, Cigarette Butts, Band-Aids, Ear Wax For DNA Sampling:

If you have a special case where one of the individuals is not available for testing such as involving a deceased relative, we can also use whole blood and/or other tissue samples. We can also arrange for the samples to be delivered to us from the County Medical Examiner's Office in your area.  Further, you may decide to collect a discreet sample from many items such as a toothbrush or hair which may be submitted to compile a profile analysis of the person in question. Click here for other Forensic DNA samples or please call us toll free at (877)-786-9543  or just simply send us an e-mail for more information.

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This Service May Also Be Performed At A DNA Collection Facility In/Near Your City:

With our At-Home Legal Twin Zygosity Test, you have no need to go to a facility to make your DNA test result legally binding, but if you prefer, we have legal DNA collection facilities available through out the entire United States to serve your needs. When visiting one of our DNA collection facilities, you have the convenience of having the information gathered and validated by a neutral third party. This will ensure the validity of the legal sibship test and its acceptance by the courts.

If you choose to have the samples collected at a DNA collection facility, then simply call us @ (877) 786-9543.
(Additional Charges Apply for At Facility Testing.)

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When you compare apples to apples what our lab offers against those of the many other labs in the marketplace you will find that we truly offer the highest quality DNA tests at what are among the lowest prices. Other labs simply hide shipping costs/methods or do not provide return shipping back to their laboratory. Some offer results within 2-3 days, but be aware the samples are often returned to them in untraceable USPS mail. So it you do not know when the kit actaully arrives in lab, how can you now when the clock actully starts? If you would like help in comparing what we offer to other quotes you received, Call Us At (877) 786-9543.

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