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Twin Zygo DNA Testing

Help determine if (2) twins are identical or fraternal

Twin Zygosity DNA $150

FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. Twin zygosity DNA testing compares the twins’ DNA profiles to see whether they match exactly—an exact match proves that the twins are identical while anything short of an exact match proves they are fraternal. Get The Answers You Seek. Act now!

Quality At Home Twin Zygosity DNA Testing

The Twin Zygosity test determines whether siblings are fraternal twins or identical twins or siblings. The cost of the Twin Zygosity DNA testing service includes two children, however you may add more if needed; for instance a third sibling. Parental samples are optional and if provided, paternity and/or maternity can also be verified.

Sometimes, before birth the OB-GYN may be able to tell whether the conceived twins are identical or fraternal through an ultrasound examination. There is a second chance a determination could be made when the twins are born, by doing a pathological examination of the placenta.

Neither of these methods are 100% accurate, however. Scientists often recommend that twin DNA testing be performed to determine the zygosity of twins if the question lingers. In some cases, medical records regarding zygosity get lost, or doubts arise because of the twins’ physical characteristics as they grow.

In such cases, only by performing a twin zygosity DNA test will you be able to reveal the truth regarding zygosity. A twin zygosity DNA test compares the twins’ DNA profiles to see whether they match—an exact match proves that the twins are identical while anything other than an exact match indicates the twins are fraternal.

A twin zygosity DNA test may be used solely for personal curiosity or in some cases it can be used to help solve any health problems the twins may encounter later down the road in life. A perfect example, if one of the twins needs an organ or tissue transplant donor, the identical twin is very often the most perfect match.

Our at informational test can provide you with peace of mind of whether or not a biological relationship exists between the tested participants.  If you need the results for your Twins DNA test to be admissible evidence in a court of law or other governmental domestic agency, then you must purchase our AABB accredited legal twins DNA test. Also, our court legal twins DNA tests may be used as admissible court approved evidence in case of child support, visitation rights, change name on the birth certificate, estate, wills, probate situations, and/or any other type case where the identity of the tested parties must be proven by an AABB accredited DNA test. If your DNA test is for immigration purposes, the USCIS/ICE & Dept. Of Homeland security may require AABB accredited DNA evidence of the biological relationship. If so, then order our AABB accredited DNA test for immigration purposes.

Identical twins are formed from one fertilized egg, called a zygote. This zygote, which usually develops into one individual child, grows and then splits early in development to form two identical embryos—identical twins. Because the twins both come from the same one egg and the same one sperm, they have the same DNA.

Fraternal twins however, develop from two different eggs, which are fertilized by two individual sperm cells. Fraternal twins do not have exactly the same DNA, although similarly to other normal siblings, they share some of the DNA, which they inherit from both parents.  In some rare cases, fraternal twins may actually have different fathers.

Our simple do-it-yourself kit collects DNA samples by simply swabbing the inside of the cheek and gum with a special swab (like a large Q-Tip). This is easy, quick, and painless. The home kit comes complete with easy to follow illustrated instructions, 2 collection swabs for each person, and a consent form to be filled out with information about each family member providing a sample. The buccal swab test takes about 10-15 minutes for 2 people, with an additional 15-20 minutes for the swabs to dry.

If you have a special case where one of the individuals is not available for testing such as involving a deceased relative, we can also use whole blood and/or other tissue samples. The County Medical Examiner's Office in your area may be able to provide blood or tissue samples.  Further, you may decide to collect a discreet forensic sample instead of a cheek swab.  Common forensic samples are hair (must have the root ball attached), mucous on a tissue, earwax and toothbrushes.  Forensic sampling prices apply.  For pricing and more details on the process, please contact a DNA Case Manager at (877) 786-9543.


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