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What Is An Aunt Uncle, Or Avuncular, DNA Test?
Parternity Can Be Determined By Testing An Aunt Or Uncle.Cheap Avuncular DNA Testing Free

The Aunt/Uncle DNA test is also referred to as the Avuncular test. It can be used to determine paternity or maternity through DNA testing of an alleged parent's sibling(Brother or Sister). The avuncular test will determine the likely statistical probability that a biological relationship exists between test participants at the level of aunt or uncle / niece or nephew. For example, in situations where someone's alleged father is unavailable to participate in a paternity test, an avuncular DNA analysis can be performed to determine paternity by testing the alleged father's full brother or sister. The cost of the test includes one niece/nephew and one alleged aunt/uncle, but you may add more as needed; for instance a second aunt or nephew. The cost of $150 covers testing for (1) aunt/uncle and (1) child.

It is recommended to add the mother of the niece or nephew to the test if she is available, however the test can still be performed without her participation.

Generally there are (2) basic types of DNA testing Laboratories; Those Labs That Are AABB Accredited, and Those Labs That Wish They Were AABB Accredited.

Some labs try to hide the fact that they are not really accredited by AABB. Some of these small non-accredited entities attempt to post fake lab results & price comparison charts on their web-site in an attempt to make themselves relevant in the DNA testing industry. They may boast about how superior testing abilities and/or services are, but without actually having to validate those procedures or methods to anyone, trusting their results may be a risky proposition. Actual AABB Accredited labs pass rigorous reviews and surprise inspections of their testing protocols and methods to insure that tests being done are accurate and thorough. Accredited labs participate in proficiency tests and are re-inspected annually. Should you trust non AABB labs results in your home if only AABB accredited lab test results are admissible in court? Purchasing even a curiosity avuncular DNA test from an unaccredited lab may be a gamble at best, but why risk false results? So no matter which lab you choose, make sure the lab you is AABB accredited, and ask them to show you their AABB Accreditation Certificate.

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DNA Sample Collection Is Easy & Painless:

Full, easy to follow instructions are inculded in every test kit. The DNA samples are collected by simply swabbing the inside of the cheeks with a special swab like a large Q-Tip. This is quick and painless. The Home Test Kit is complete with illustrated with easy instructions, 2 swabs per person, and a consent form to be filled out with information about each family member providing a sample. The cheek swab test takes about 20 minutes for 3 people, and time for the swabs to dry. If you have already bought a do it yourself DYI paternity kit at your local CVS® , Walgreens®, Rite Aid®, or Walmart® pharmacy, you can send the samples to our lab, and we'll process them for less.
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More About Avuncular Aunt/Uncle DNA Testing:

When the issue of an aunt/uncle avuncular relationship is in question, the recommended method is to test the available parent of the child in question if at all possible through a paternity or maternity test. In situations where the child’s parent is unavailable for testing, a DNA avuncular test can still be performed to analyze if a biological relationship exist between the tested parties.

It is recommended to add the known parent, usually the mother, to the avuncular test. When the known mother is tested, her DNA markers are removed from the child's (niece or nephew's) profile, and thus the father's genes are identified and separated. These paternal genes are then easily matched with the alleged father's sibling, if the tested parties do in-fact share a aunt/uncle biological relationship.

Although the aunt / uncle analysis may not always provide you with a conclusive answer when the mother is not included, it may be able to provide you with an indication of whether you are more likely to be related. This method may also be used when a father dies leaving potential grandparents wondering if the child is really their grandchild.

(Verify The Lab's AABB Accreditation, Ask To See The Actual AABB Certificate!)

A Y-STR analysis may also be another option when testing 2 males to determine if they are from the same male lineage. The Y-STR offers very conclusive results with only 2 test participants. Read more about the Y-STR test here.

An immigration avuncular may also be used to sponsor someone's immigration visa. Our AABB accredited immigration avuncular tests are acceptable to the USCIS Immigration Office and Department Of Homeland Security. Don't trust important life changing results to some small non AABB accredited Lab.


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When you compare apples to apples what our lab offers against those of the many other labs in the marketplace you will find that we truly offer the highest quality tests at what are among the cheapest prices. Many other labs simply hide shipping costs and/or methods, return samples in USPS mail, or do not provide return shipping back to their laboratory at all. Some offer results within 2-3 days, but be aware the samples are often returned to them in untraceable USPS mail. is only one in the industry, that automatically returns samples back to the lab in overnight . So, while their samples are still in transit in mail, we often will have your results ready.

If you would like help in comparing what we offer to other quotes you have received, please give us a Call At (877) 786-9543.

Think You May Need A Legal Avuncular Test?

The home avuncular DNA test kit is often preferred because it is private, discrete, and allows family members to resolve doubts without the need for legal action. If there is a chance that you will want to use the results of the aunt/uncle test in court proceedings, then you should order a court-admissible Aunt/Uncle DNA test Kit. Our lab is accredited by the AABB and ISO 17025. A copy of our lab’s AABB accreditation certificate can be found here. 

You do not have to visit a facility for our At Home Legal Avuncular Test. However, if you prefer professional collection, we work with a network of collectors to provide that service. With over 20,000 collectors throughout the USA in the network, our collection division is sure to have someone to serve you in your area. There is an additional charge of $50.00 per person for professional collection.

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If You Can't Get A Cheek Swab, You Can Use Hair, Handkerchief, Tooth Brush, Cigarette Butts, Band-Aids, Ear Wax For DNA Sampling:

If you have a situation with a deceased relative needing to be tested, you may also use hair, blood, toothbrush, handkerchief, and/or other tissue samples. However, If the test results are needed for a legal purpose such as an inheritance, social security, or in probate court, then the sample must have chain of custody. To meet this legal standard, these samples must be delivered directly to us from the Medical Examiner's Office in your area. We can also use additional items such as cigarette butts, ear wax, used razors, Band-Aids, etc... in a non-legal or curiosity setting. Please note that additional fees apply for performing forensic portion of the DNA test.

Click here for more information on forensic sampling. Please call us at (877)-786-9543 or e-mail us for more information.

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