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If you are asking yourself, "How Do I Get A DNA Test?", we can help! DNA paternity testing can seem like a daunting and expensive process, but it really can be quite simple and affordable. Sometimes, a person goes a lifetime not truly knowing their biological family members. They wonder if their sibling is really a full or half brother or sister, or if they really share the same biological father. Sometimes, due to adoption situations, these family ties are severed and paternity or maternity may need to be established. The USCIS now may also require an AABB accredited immigration test be performed to obtain a visa to enter the country. No matter the reason, we offer an array of premium AABB accredited relational test packages that help determine actual family biological relationships at many levels such as Paternity, Maternity, Siblingship, Grandparent, Avuncular Aunt/Uncle tests. All tests are specifically tailored to help identify what level of biological relationship actually exists between the tested parties such as mother or father, sister or brother, grandparent, aunt / uncle, etc... We Offer The Highest Quality Affordable DNA Testing!

Our premium $120.00 father/child home curiosity paternity tests offer quality & fast turnaround service because we include FREE 2-way overnight delivery & fastest service.

A DNA test may be the most important test you may take in your life. That's why it's important that you consider carefully which lab to provide services. Generally there are (2) very basic types of testing labs; Those Labs That Are AABB Accredited, and Those Labs That Wish They Were AABB Accredited. Some small non AABB accredited labs even post simulated lab results & price comparison charts on their web-site to try to boast their relevancy in the industry. These small entities often boast about superior abilities and/or services, but without them having to actually validate their procedures or methods, trusting a marketing strategy is a risky proposition at best. Our lab offers affordable AABB accredited packages with accurate results you can trust at home and our legal packages are fully admissible in court. Our analysis are performed by top-notch scientists at N.M.S.U., using the latest and most advanced testing technology in the industry. While we may provide cheap prices, we deliver only the highest quality & most accurate results in the industry. Our results are Trusted! Proven! & Admissible in court!
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DNA Testing For Paternity, Sibling, Grandparent, Aunt Uncle, Immigration is committed to serving you and your family with quality, easy, reliable, and affordable services. We offer a full array of high quality AABB accredited family relational analysis to determine paternity, maternity, avuncular, siblingship, grandparentage, Y-STR, X-SV & other family relational tests. You can even verify parentage while pregnant by analysing the DNA of the unborn child with our pre-natal test. Very early in the pregnancy you can determine the parentage with our pre-birth testing service. We can provide a very conclusive result that is 99.999% accurate in determining who is the father. All our analysis are performed twice in the lab to make sure the paternity results are 100% accurate. We use only the latest, state-of-the-art technology. The results of our legal court tests are court approved, and admissible evidence before the court for the determination of who's the father or proving a relationship on another level. Our lab is approved by (USCIS) Immigration and Naturalization Service / Department of Human Services as suppliers of immigration testing for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA) worldwide.

No Hidden Fees Plus FREE Overnight Both Ways:

No games, no gimmicks, or hidden fees. In fact, with the $79 or $89 paternity tests you see online, you'd have to pay an additional fee of up to $30 just to even have it shipped to you. Our pricing is simple and up-front. Additionally, if you need to have your test kit split between two or more addresses, we can handle that for you too for an additional fee.

Why Overnight Return Is Important To You:

All of our packages come with free overnight shipping back to the lab. We know how important your return samples are, and so we won't take any risks. By returning your samples overnight, they won't get lost or delayed in the mail. This service also ensures that you get your results as fast as possible! Return packages have a tracking number which allows you to track your package and be sure when the samples are actually received. That way you know when the analysis begins. By the time our competitors' samples get back to their lab via regular mail, we're often times finished with the analysis and delivering results. Some labs even use a gimmick and say they offer a free paternity kit, but then they charge much more to have the samples analyzed. We do not sell low a quality cheap dna test, but rather, what we offer is a premium quality DNA paternity test at an affordable price saving money & time.
We Do Not Play Marketing Games, We Are Simply Here To Serve Your DNA Testing Needs!

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Make sure the laboratory you choose is AABB Accredited
" Located On Campus Of New Mexico State University (NMSU), Las Cruces, NM"

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Easy Do It Yourself At Home Sample Collection:

You may be asking, "How Can I Do A DNA Test On A Child?", and the answer is very simply, easy, and painlessly. By simply swabbing the inside of the cheek, samples are collected with a special swab like a large Q-Tip. This process is quick and painless. The test kit comes complete with easy to follow illustrated instructions, 2 buccal swabs per person (we perform tests 2Xs), and a consent. If you've already purchased a do it yourself paternity kit at CVS®, Rite Aid®, Walgreens®, or Walmart® local pharmacy, you can send us the samples, and we'll process them for less. Our paternity test cost Is only $120 for analysing 1 father / 1 child, and includes FREE overnight delivery both ways. WE'LL BE DONE BY THE TIME THEIRS IS REACHING LAB!

If You Can't Get A Swab, You Can Use Hair, Handkerchief, Tooth Brush, Cigarette Butts, Band-Aids, Ear Wax For DNA Sampling:

You can perform your family relational analysis using hair, handkerchief, tooth brush, and or many other items. Also, If you have a special situation, such as one involving a deceased relative needing to be tested, we can also use hair, blood, toothbrush, handkerchief, and/or other tissue samples. If the test results are needed for a legal purpose such as an inheritance, social security, or in probate court, then the sample must have chain of custody. To meet this standard, we can have samples delivered directly to us from the Medical Examiner's Office in your area. Lastly, there are additional items that may be used for the sample collection in non-legally binding tests such as cigarette butts, ear wax, used razors, band-aids, etc... Click here for more information on forensic sampling. Additional fees apply for the forensic portion of sample. Please call us at (877)-786-9543 or e-mail us for more information.

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Our lab's AABB accredited USCIS approved tests are admissible in court, and are trusted by Embassies Worldwide, as well as the United States Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Department of Homeland Security for Immigration testing. We process AABB accredited immigration DNA tests for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA) by performing a paternity, maternity, siblingship, grandparent, and/or avuncular aunt uncle analysis. Our immigration testing service provides a fast, traceable, and affordable solution. We only use traceable DHL, UPS, or International overnight shipping. What good would it serve you to save a few dollars with a competitor trying to cut corners on shipping and risk the test getting lost with untraceable USPS mail?

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